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Death Demagnetized.

Musically astute readers might get the not-so-subtle reference there.

Yesterday was an intruiguing day to say the least. Overall very nice and relaxing. Alfie and I went to his biological dad's place, where we got fed cornish game hens along with all the trimmings. We brought along an Easter cake that had hair-raisingly sweet and fluffy icing on it and the whole lot of it proved to knock me and the foxy out for the afternoon.

We were quite happy and full and it was so...nice to feel safe there.

On the way back, a nice surprise happened as well! The road between his dad's place and Seattle has a tollbridge with a booth that usually costs $4 per car. As we pulled up, though, the teller told us with a surprised grin that the car ahead of us had paid for our toll so we could go right on through!

A pleasant surprise to say the least. I theorized it might've been the car I slowed down for so he could merge into traffic, but really, I'm not sure.

As we were driving home, I decided to listen to Death Magnetic, the latest album from one of my favorite groups, Metallica. If you like them...

...stay away from this album because it's a grandiose and overblown knockoff of their first few albums. As far as I could tell, EVERY SINGLE ONE of the tracks is over 6 minutes long, some even going into the range of 8 minutes. Seriously. It's all rock anthems and all of them are just...boring as hell to listen to. Even the best track by far (the by-now-required-for-every-album Unforgiven track) was long and nearly drove me nuts to see if it would go anywhere. It almost didn't. Every track just...was slow and boring and overdone.

This mystifies me. Arguably, Metallica's two best albums, ReLoad and Black, were full of songs that were radio-length. Maybe ONE of them was a rock-anthem length piece and they kept it that way for a long while. Now, the songs just are full of words that seem to not say anything at all. The guitars screech and wail and have no catharsis to their rhythms...and I really feel bad for Lars Ulrich on drums. The poor bastard probably was panting and exhausted after recording every track for how much work he had to give for all the pounding he was doing.

Overall, this shit just bored me. I'm giving the album back to my sister. It's a classic example of what happens when a musical group forgets about the music and starts caring about the money. Moreover, if the 'true Metallifans' out there actually ASKED for tracks like this, then they're even worse. I didn't get what was going on and I'm about the most average yokel you could ever meet. If you have to be a true fan to 'get' the music, then you can suck a big fat Fuck-off. I like Metallica when they were in it to make good music, not good money.

Want another example of a musician putting music/entertainment before money?

Michael Jackson.

Anyhow, that's all. I'm Cave Johnson, we're done here. :3
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Added: 7 years, 10 months ago
7 years, 10 months ago
But unfortunately most who put music/entertainment before money usually have behavior
that some of the population consider a little different with air quotes
7 years, 10 months ago
I never said MJ wasn't eccentric.

Heck, I'm pretty eccentric and I'd like to think I'm a musician first too.
7 years, 10 months ago
I was just making an observation and making a completely faulty conclusion due to that observation
MJ was a musician that put music before money
MJ had eccentric behavior
ergo musicians that put music before money have eccentric behavior
7 years, 10 months ago
Like you wouldn't believe. Most of the Music > $ musicians tend to be weirdheaded because, to them, music is something more than a way to earn money...or, more to the point, the money itself doesn't matter.

I once read that Michael talked about how awkward he'd felt his whole life...unless he was performing in some nature. Given his dramatic styles difference between public and on-stage, it's very believable that this was true.
7 years, 10 months ago
*snicker* I love the Cave Johnson thing there.

Also, yeah, Metallica kind of went off the deep end.
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