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Fast MiniRaffle! [CLOSED]


I'm writing the other of the two stories I owe from the contest I ran last November. As I was writing, I began to realize the role I had a specific character in didn't fit what I had planned for that character. There is another scene I'm saving her for, and the role I need in this story doesn't match the role I need in that one.

So instead of just inventing someone to fit, I thought I'd have another little mini-raffle, since this story is a contest prize anyway!

So, like I did in November, I'm going to open this up for people to submit a character they'd like in this story. The character would ideally be unique, but you can submit existing characters (or agemorphs of existing characters) if you don't mind them existing in the separate, independent reality of Roosevelt City.

The character is about 11, female, and ideally bi- or omni-sexual (scene will involve f/f and f/h).

No fantasy or xeno creatures. This includes all manner of dragons.
No future elements. (e.g. cybernetics)
No bizarre non-naturally occurring anatomy (e.g. tentacles, extra limbs, etc)
Character will exist within Roosevelt City under my complete control unless otherwise commissioned.

Entries close tomorrow at 11:00am Central time. Winner will be selected with extreme bias.

Please comment with the following format to enter:


"Appearance" and "Quirks" should be limited to one sentence in the initial comment. Feel free to reply to your own comment with additional information, but this is not required!


Ineligible: RisingDragon, Draconm, [name]Penguin20[/name], soggymaster (winners from the NaNoWriMo contest)

WINNER: DoaTheJackalope's Dots!
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
Name: Cassandra "Cass" Amrine
Species: Serval
Appearance: 4'7", very slender, but muscular, short, black, hair in a cute bob, amber eyes, dresses sporty
Quirks: tail is extremely sensitive, and she is self-conscious about it's length, thinking it disproportionate to the rest of her body
6 years ago
Cass is a second-generation American, her grandparents on her mother's side having immigrated from Morocco, while her father's side has been in the states now since the early 1800's. Her father is a banker, and her mother is a civil engineer for Roosevelt City. Cass is a bit tomboyish, and is signed up for at least one sport all year round - softball, basketball, volleyball, soccer. Her bedroom is full of sports trophies.

Being a serval, she has an unusually short tail for a feline. While her tail is short by nature's design to allow her to leap to greater heights without worry about landing on it, she feels that it looks disproportionate to the rest of her body. As a result, she tends to do whatever she can to keep others' focus on other things. However, her tail is extremely sensitive and is her biggest erogenous zone. This sensitivity is only heightened by her own embarrassment.

While she is not a bully - she knows how it feels to have one's features laughed at - she is very much an alpha. Her sports keep her in shape, and she is strong for her age and size. When Cass wants to do something at school, most of the other students let her have her way. Is it charisma? Unintentional intimidation? Maybe it's a little of both.
6 years ago
Name: Cathrine "Dots" Porter
Species: Kangaroo rat
Appearance: 4'5" tall, mostly beige with small white spots all over her cheeks and running down to her shoulders, incredibly long tail, even longer than one would expect for a Kangaroo rat, she loves wearing stockings and adores large feet, including her own.
Quirks: Although incredibly outgoing, she's pretty shy in bed, being so young, but she's still incredibly curious.
6 years ago
Name:You know who ^.-
Species: Surprise
Appearance: Surprise
Quirks: Surprise

If you actually need it posted here I'll do it :3
6 years ago
Perhaps I could introduce one of my cabbits into your world. (If chosen, this is the alternate reality where her dad was transferred to Roosevelt City)

Ellie Tenk (Or the cabbit with the glasses)
Cabbit (cat rabbit hybrid)
Appearance: Red hair, freckles. Typically wears her hair in braids. Hazel green eyes. Is somewhat less well developed then her cousin becky but does not let it get to her.
Quirks: While her cousin can be aggressive in the pursuit of her canine, Becky has found herself enjoying the tease a little more. She may or may not have been responsible for letting some boys know just when the girls were showering at summer camp (and which window would be conveniently left uncovered). Has a slightly dutch accent as she only moved west at six years of age.

(all grown up: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=408320)
6 years ago
Name: Kimberly
Species: Hummingbird
Appearance: Typically small frame sporting brown head feathers, green body and wing feathers, and long, bare tail stalks that end in luminous green tail feathers.
Quirks: Strictly lesbian Dom that is smug about being able to manually please a girl better than any penis could hope to match.
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