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Children's Commercials

OK... Now, being a 90's kid, I will openly admit we had some unusual, if conceptually interesting, products, like blo-pens (airbrushes you blew into), Magic Sand (sand that kept its shape in water, and instantly dried outside of it) to name a couple. Yes, they were useless in any practical sense, but in the imagination of a child, the possibilities were endless.

Fast Forward to today... have you SEEN some of these things!? DX I can forgive them, really I can. The ones that have sparked my ire are essentially the same thing- a glorified plushy with the added purpose of holding stuff. Being a Furry, I feel I would be hypocrytical if I decried them, so, I'm not. I'm decrying their ADVERTISING!! Ladies in Gentlefurs, I give you... Seat Pets and Tummy Stuffers. *head-desk* *head-desk* *head-desk* *head-desk* *head-desk*

I have weathered highly gimmicky commercials about self made ice cream, and slushies (something I'd actually like to try out.) But Those two Commercials right there... They just... Ugh... Do they really expect kids to fall into that sort of thing, or rather their targeted demographic? There is just so much WRONG contained within these, I could rant on them each.

While I realize that my age removes me from their target demographics, so i shouldn't really care. Therein lies the problem. "It's For Kids". That gives these manufacturers permission to create the most assanine, patronizing commercials they can think of. They're Children, people, NOT infants. give them SOME credit. And for the kids who continually wiggle out of their seat belts, we have a two worded term for them... DARWIN AWARDS!!! Not to mention the very idea that children are so easily destracted by a seatbelt cozy that they stop asking "are we there yet" and spend the ride- every ride- cuddling it. Just... Just... AUGH!! DX

*goes of to rage properly*
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