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Why I'm So Pro-Life

(Just an edit: I don't believe people who are pro-choice are horrible people. I also don't want to start arguments. I just want to state my opinion.)

Before you read this journal, understand this... I am NOT doing this because of one person. I'm doing this because of MANY, MANY people commenting on how I'm a horrible person because I'm 'anti-choice'. If you're 'anti-life', then close this journal now if you're not willing to listen to my explanation in to why I'm so pro-life. If you're open minded and/0r my friend, then thank you for reading this...

When i was -8 months old (8 months before I was born), my mom was having some medical issues during my pregnancy. The doctor whom she went to, before exploring all options of care for her, got out his calendar, and asked her when she wanted to terminate me. Terminate. As if I wasn't human. Of course, she obviously said no, even though the doctor said I might not have a good life. A couple years after, the same happened to my brother. Then, over 10 years ago, she 'got' with my stepdad. What resulted was my mom's worst pregnancy ever... She nearly died... She lived, but the child didn't make it... Then, very shortly after that failed pregnancy, she got pregnant again... One more time, there were severe complications like the last one, but not as bad, yet the doctors strongly suggested abortion. Guess what she chose. No. over 9 years later, my sister, my mom's last child, is one of my best friends. Sure, she spent the first couple of years in her life in the hospital, basically, but right now, she's alive, healthy for the most part, and enjoying life. Doctors told my mom all 4 of her children would have horrible lives and not make it to adulthood. 1 died, the other 3 lived. 1 made it to adulthood, and the other two are well on their way to adulthood.

When abortion is an option, people forget that what they're 'terminating' is a human life, which wants only to live and grow up, like you all. Sure, its the size of a dime when you kill it, or maybe smaller, or maybe even bigger. But, that doesn't make it any less human. Any person who took basic biology and high school health class cannot deny the following statement: "When a sperm cell and an egg cell unite, the genes of the mother and father combine to form a cell that is a genetically unique human cell, which is the beginning of human life." So, anyone who says 'its just a clump of cells', look at yourself. Cause, believe it or not, you're a clump of cells, too. Just, larger. And anyone who says 'its a woman's body, so its a woman's choice, the child within is a genetically unique human, who is completely dependent on the mother that hosts them.

The mother is the most important person in the world. They hold within them a human life, which nature tells the mother they must protect, love, raise... Abortion is going against EVERY single instinct nature gave to human females. Nature spent billions of years perfecting reproduction. Allowing humans to carry their child within them, to have them grow and develop within the female, so the female may protect them from all the dangers of the world better than any egg laying animal could, is the best thing evolution could have done. The mother isn't just a woman. She's a life giver, a care taker, a teacher, protector, a defender... She's all those things... And, when a mother chooses to abort, she chooses to go against the very thing nature intended her to do.

When people tell me that pro-life is an invention of the church, and that all the arguments are hust that "God said its bad, so its bad", I look at them and laugh. Guess what? Look at the reasons I'm pro-life I just gave. Which ones are religious reasons? None. First is real life experience, second is scientific, third is evolutionary theory. If anything, two of them are VERY rooted in science and not in religion. So, now you know why I'm so pro-life.

Now, I'm going to give the religious reason why I'm pro-life. I believe God made ALL life sacred, and that it must be protected, from conception to natural death. This reason covers why I'm so against: abortion, murder, war, suicide, assisted suicide, physician assisted suicide, and the death penalty.

There you go. Now you know. Well... Bye.
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