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I hate myself for doing this. Especially knowing that so many people I know are in the same boat, but...I have to ask for help again.

Recent visits to the doctor have diagnosed me with venous stasis in my legs, and my wife with type 2 diabetes.

Venous stasis basically means that the blood flow to my lower legs has been compromised by years of my being sedentary due to pain, and also overweight. From mid-calf to ankle, my legs are purple and red, looking like an angry, hot bruise. This is caused by some of the circulatory tissue IN the legs having died or being in the process of dying - which is also essentially poisoning my system.

I have multiple abscesses under my arms from this "poisoning," and am now on antibiotics as well as Vicoden for the pain - but the doctor needs me to have Ultrasounds and x-rays so we can pinpoint just how bad the DAMAGE is...

I might need surgery.

I have quite a few medications now - and thanks to the new diagnosis of diabetes, my wife is also on quite a few more medications BEYOND the three blood pressure meds and others she was on before.

After these diagnoses, we basically had to drain what little savings we had to take care of the medical expenses. We have less than $20 in the bank now.

I'm going to see the lawyer next Tuesday to appeal my disability claim. The good news is, with these new diagnoses, I should be approved this time. However it may be several months for that process to complete.

I'm into the third month where I've had no commissions, and while I've gotten a few donations that have definitely helped...that money is gone now, and we're scraping bottom.

We're out of food, it's hot in our non-air conditioned house to the point that our computers keep overheating during the day and we're having to do most of our work at night. I've had two eggs and a peach to eat in the last two days, though I've made sure my wife had fairly balanced meals because her meds are a bit harsher. But after another day or two, we'll be out of that kind of food as well.

I just...I hate doing this. You all know I hate doing this. But I really have no other choice.

Please. If you can help - commission me, or donate if you can...Something. Please.

I'm running out of hope.

Paypal: Tigerwolf.2[at]gmail.com

Site: http://www.tygerwolfedesigns.com/
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Added: 5 years, 10 months ago
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