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Need artists

I'm putting together a Kickstarter for the RPG system and setting I've been running for a while in an effort to get it formally published.  It's nearly there, but I'm in need of a few more things.  One of those is dynamic and/or neutral (posing) images of dragons, both anthro and feral, with space, high-tech, modern+ combat, or cyberpunk-ish (possible steampunk, it depends) backgrounds to add for setting the mood/feel of the setting.  In addition, I could also use similar artwork of stock furry species, in particular otters, badgers/wolverines, wolves, foxes, domestic and great cats, and bears (particularly anthros).

Terms:  This is a Kickstarter, so it either gets fully funded or it dies.  Under those terms, commissions will be paid for new or existing artwork if and only if the Kickstarter gets funded.  If the Kickstarter does not get fully funded, no money will change hands.  If it is funded, the standard commission rates for the artist will be paid, even for existing artwork, including pieces commissioned by others (I would like their permission to use the image, too, even if we aren't actually using the character specifically).  Existing artwork would be preferable, as it already exists and can be submitted immediately as part of the Kickstarter campaign, and will not have to be added later (ie: it's 'shovel-ready').

Additional Terms:  If the Kickstarter gets funded and this project is a go, additional artwork will be required for the book, so artists willing to accept commissions for such a project and willing to put them on the front-burner will be presented with the opportunity to negotiate for slots within the book, and may even be considered for further books in the series.

Right now, I'm planning a three book core with the player's handbook, a moderator's guide, and a combined campaign canon and tech manual.  Each is set to be about 200-250 pages, and will require 35-50 pieces of art each.  Estimated time to publish from funding will be 6 months.

If you know an artist who fits this bill, please point them at this journal so they can note me.  I would prefer to conduct discussions on this privately for now, and save the initial disclosures for the press releases.
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