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Why I have no interest on that "equestria girls" movie

Why I have no interest on that "equestria girls" movie


Its not for my own demographic.

In fact, MLPFiM wasn't either until episodes with references that people my age caught instantly were present, and let's face it, a pony is much cuter than an anorexic humanoid with a huge head.

This movie, if anyone dares call it that, that deserves to be a direct to DVD promo than having it on theaters, is nothing more than an attempt to appeal to 13 year old girls who collect Bratz dolls because that is exactly the premise which is shown in every other scene or still image I have dared to look until it opened.

Don't believe me?  How do you explain "Brad", Twilight's love interest that came out of fucking nowhere?  What exactly would compel a character who never even bothered having ANYONE as a companionship during 3 seasons of the original show, and who IS an adult, not a teenager as Hasbro blatantly made her in the movie?   Is this what Lauren Faust had wanted everything to go when she left the show?

I don't know, but I would have to tell you no, this is not what she wanted the show to become.  Twilight Sparkle became what Lauren always disliked about strong female characters being in the shadow of masculine mentality that they should be forced to fall in love in less than 2 hours on a movie and for a hot teen guy FEMALE fans dub "Brad Cloudbottom".  Yes, Twilight is still a strong personification of girl power indeed!  


I heard that Hasbro had this brilliant idea of messing with the show creating this thing as a result of competing with another franchise that appeals to 13 year old girls, namely Monster High.

Hm...sounds pretty much the logic of a corporation that doesn't give a damn about anything other than profit.

And of course said demographic plus bronies ate this shit up and are now saying things like "I believed!" pretty much what "bielievers" have the mentality as well.  Guess what demography that falls into?

Not mine I can tell you that much.

As such, "equestria girls" to me is a mix of a Hannah Montana movie and those hideous slutty dolls Bratz.  Now that I have seen more than one character wear oodles of make-up to appear attractive to boys in their high school from the movie, I'd say yeah, this is not what I would admit in my own free time when I decide to watch a movie for any reason.

Perhaps the only reason why I would be remotely interested in this is Sunset Shimmer, who is CANON that she was a student of Celestia's but never mention if this was before or after Twilight came into that character's life.  And how do you introduce a character that has great potential to become an antagonist in the show?  Why, waste her completely on a turd of a movie appealing to tween girls that believe they can find an answer by having their crush on a handsome boy who happens to be in a football team in the school.

As stated by a rude reply to a fan from a certain writer of the MLP show I refuse to mention, Sunset may not even be around in the next season of MLPFiM and probably will just dissapear like most antagonists that have appeared in the original show, just seen as a shedog who was jealous of Twilight from the beginning.

Then we got this nonsense that Twilight will meet EVERYONE who appears in the original show either as her own friends or cameos of said characters (Including Trixie), without them ever knowing who she is at all, because it happens to be a parallel world where she apparently doesn't exist.

How the fuck is that even logical?  If it is a world mirrored to that of Equestria, and there is a humanoid to a pony, why is Twilight absent?

Uh, yeah ok, whatever.

Maybe the movie will have time after having all this tween shit floating about and the final battle with Sunset to explain remotely why this and other crap that makes no damn sense to us be explained, but you know what?

I don't care.  I DON'T CARE.

This movie will be one of the many things that I will gladly ignore and never admit has happened as it is with other errors companies make when creating something so blatantly questionable.  Such as George Lucas' Star Wars Holiday Special.

So enjoy your equestria girls, I will be over here focusing on watching The Wolverine in the meantime.

As a final note if they decide to have that sorry excuse for a love interest token pretty boy Brad into the original series, I swear to God I will create hate art of his sorry flat ass everytime they decide to show him, and if Twilight becomes an empty headed fangirl after this, I will completely forget she even was on the show from the beginning.

Fuck you Hasbro, fuck you to the MAX.
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