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Feeling Better

Doctors say she may turn out fine... the second surgery was a success and she may return home tomorrow or Wednesday... Things she can't do that some of you out there I recommend stop doing but some of you are hard headed *minus the fact if you have a medical problem* is to stop the acid drinks... juices is okay most the time but preferably apple, orange and grape juice, I think I approve of what Bloomberg is trying to do now don't you? Two is stop smoking and Drinking, she doesn't drink in the first place but is heavy on smoking but at the end of the day I pitty smokers because most of you use it as a stimulant off a hard day but news flash it's not working especially 5 to 6 straws a day :/ so don't listen to me if you want it's your life not mine. Finally rest and plenty of it... she stresses over little shit *like most others on this site* and I don't get it... but at 57 I don't understand anything about a person's life at that point any more because 40 years of age apart makes you pretty much alien to this generation XP but all jokes aside these are the guidelines for her new life after Heart Attack that she must follow now to improve her health and not limited to Fried foods... It's not recommended for any one to eat but she especially can't have any more *and yes that includes Fried Chicken <3* If anyone out their has two cents I recommend following this new life style for my mother but if not and you want to be your own person when it comes to health well jokes on you I'll see you in a hospital bed too.
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Added: 5 years, 7 months ago
5 years, 7 months ago
At least she's okay.
5 years, 7 months ago
If she sticks to her diet that is...
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