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Character adoptions

Adoptable characters

Seeing as I haven't used these characters in an immense amount of time, and I need the extra cash I will be putting them up for auction. All three of the characters are male and two are cub, there really is no set price so if you want just make a reasonable offer, the bios are below
name: alex
height: 5'11
weight: 125 lbs
length:7 1/2 inches
anatomically correct
Knot size: 4 inches measured round
age: 19
place of birth: florida
species: husky/wolf mix
sexual preference: gay

alex was born in florida but currently lives in california. he is nineteen years of age but is a kid at heart.

his parents (David and Alexis)
his dad a wolf and his mom a husky, he has two other brothers jake and zachary. both of them are normally up in their rooms playing xbox or what ever they have out now.
Name: Jake Morris
Height: 4'10
Weight: 125 lb.
Length: 5'3
Knot size: 3.1 inches fully inflated
Cock type: canine
Age: 14
Place of birth: Miami, florida
Sexual preference: gay
Eye color: hazel
Weird habits: biting finger nails
Fur color: all white with grey tipped ears
Normaly wears: a team xbox shirt and tan shorts

Jake was born in Miami, Florida on the twenty-fifth of march at 5:30 am. Jake is Alex's younger brother by three years but the two spend a lot of time together wither schooling Alex on guitar hero or work on Alex's ford with him. When Zach was born Alex had to get a job due to the over whelming cost. So Jake didn't see him very much, but as soon as Zach could talk and walk, him and Jake would run around town on their bikes and meet new people constantly.

The most traumatic experience in jakes life was the passing of his mother, alexis morris, by the hands of a drunk driver.

When Alex got his masters diploma in mechanics it must have been the most happiest moment in his life the only reason being Jake doesn't have anyone other than his father and Alex to up too.

Jake is a player on the school basketball team, he some times will pose in his jockstrap when he has a erection.

Not very much has happened in jakes life, so thats all so far
Name: Zach Morris
Height: 5'2
Weight: 89 lb.
Length: 4'9
Cock type: canine
Knot size: 3.2 inches fully inflated
Age: 13
Place of birth: Los angles, california
Sexual preference: bisexual (male perference)
Eye color: hazel
Fur color: grey with black ears and fluffy tail and white chest fur
Normaly wears:  jeans and a army green short sleeve shirt with a dark blue button up jacket
Strange habits: chasing his tail

Zach was born on December 4th at 4:36 am, The doctor didn't know if he would survive due to his birth weight being only 2 lb. Luckily he survived. He currently is in 5th grade, he has excellent grades so he has earned himself the nickname, teachers pet.

Unlike his two older brothers Zach is still a virgin. He has thought about asking someone but he doesn't like girls very much.

Some times when his friends were over for a sleepover, he would lay awake at about midnight when all of his friends were asleep, due to the heat of the summer them would sleep outside of the blankets and only in there underwear, he would pull their underwear down to look at their sheath.

Zach has had a childhood crush, only it was his best friend, Nathan.

When his mother passed away he went into a deep depression and his family was very concerned. The reason was a double whammy he was going through the loss of a family member and he was trying figure out if he was gay or bisexual.

No one knows how or what happened but one day he came out of his room and there was a gigantic smile on his face. He was also humming "walking on sunshine" the entire day. It drove Alex and David to near insanity.

Nothing else has happened in his life so far

That is all, and please if you want to buy the characters just say so in the comments or send me a message and I will do my best to reply in a timely fashion.
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