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BAMBOO Drawing Pad

I am so not use to this thing yet, and it's kinda freaky. I am forcing myself to use nothing but though, so that I get use to everyday use. I had to slow down mouse settings, because it was just plain to fast. Learning to navigate with a pen, is like around 20 years ago, learning to use a mouse for the first time.
But I like it. I did end up slowing it down a little too much, for some certain things, but that's easy to fix.
I'm sure once I'm more use to using it, I'll accomplish things faster. Some things, I'll probably end up doing better too. I have a few things that I've been meaning to redo, and using this thing, I should be able to accomplish them without as much problem, as using a mouse to do them. A down with this one, compared to the more expensive one, I can't just use my fingers. Maybe for the next one, I'll get something more expensive, but for now, I'll probably be just fine with what I have.

So basically, keep an eye open, I may just be putting out stuff a little faster in the future, once I'm use to using this thing..


Thanks Very Much For Reading.

Fieve... ;-)  :-)
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Added: 8 years ago
8 years ago
New things can be fun...
finding out what it can do.  Good luck.

(note: do not throw thru window.)
8 years ago
" New things can be fun...

It is actually, I'm starting a remake of someone's else's art... the problem is, I can't post it here.
It would probably be accepted though on one of the CHAN groups. One of the things I decided, is (Yaoi) would be good practice, no matter how few places it's accepted on. I figure, if I can get good with that, I should get better at animals too.

" finding out what it can do.  Good luck.

I'm starting to get use to it now. It's somewhat fun too.

" (note: do not throw thru window.)

Maybe I'll, after getting better at this, throw it out a digital window.
I can get the satisfaction of destroying something, without psychically doing so.


Fieve.. ;-)  :-)  
8 years ago
Mes Hears dare Ish Shoft Wares Dats Shupposed Tos Helps Adjust Its Tos Your Shcweens Resolutions. Maybes Mights Helps Dunno. Gweds Lucks.
8 years ago
For screen Res. I always use something which is either twice, or close to twice, what I have things set on. (1920x1080)
Of course with a screen not much bigger then 18 or 19 Inches, it was quite an adjustment at first.
I am getting at least a little better, but I'm still not completely use to using a pen to navigate... *Everything*. I feel though, the only way to get use to it fully, is to not even have a mouse hooked up at all. I guess I really should get back to some of the art I wanna work on too. My one (Pichu pissing on Pichu) is what I'll probably be working on. Their balls look like shit, so I'll totally be redesigning them. I'll probably do Cub balls, I love doing those. The one I'm working on, I once had up on AGNPH dot com, but it'll look much different then it did then. I probably won't be opening a new gallery account, because of the way they treated me the first time through. I'll probably also sign this one, in an un-removable watermark, so that if someone does post it to over there, everyone will know it's by the former (RavingRaichu.) And if I get that much better, which I have a lot of confidence I will, they may just dislike it, that I will refuse to put it up on AGNPH.com
I don't care how relevant it is, they don't deserve people like me, with the attitude they showed me.

Huggles... I know I'll get better, eventually, cause now I can just draw directly.
Practice, I'll be practicing others styles, once I get use to using it well enough.

TY Very Much.

Fieve.. ;-)  :-)
8 years ago
Pwactise Ish Gweds.
And Likes A Furends Tolds Mes Neva Bes Ashamed Ofs Yer Arts, Yous Shoulds Nvah Has Tos Apologize Fer Yer Arts Edur Nos Artist Shtarts Offs As An Elitist.

Ands A Wittle Words Ofs Incuwagements.... >.>

Evens The Elitist Wills Nevahs Bes Da Next Van Gogh Ors Michelangelo Shows Dun Takes Any Ones Bads Comments Tos Siwiusly k's?

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