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This is my journal from FA  https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/4740241/

Okies, I haven't been on FA in so long and now that I'm back, my art work has improved a bit. I still suck at shading so I'm still trying to learn to color shade. So I'd like to do some free art, get myself out there. I'll be doing anthro art.

It's not first come first serve. I'll be choosing who I shall draw. For the first bacth I'll chose three furries. As in animals, like felines, wolfs ect. Only three and keep in mind it's clean art so nothing nudity and if your fursona is a herm or trans, they will be drawn clean.

Here are some examples of my latest art.

https://www.furaffinity.net/view/10781001/ and https://www.furaffinity.net/view/10795361/

Three winners will get art like those :)

1. Must be watching me
2. Link me a journal of you advertising this
3. If you read through all the rules put somewhere in your reply your favorite villian
4. A little bio about your fursona and their personality so I can have an idea how he/she is like.
5. Tell me they are female/male/herm/trans/hybrid. If hybrid tell me of what kinds
6. Send me your ref sheets and you can place in more then one character because...

Second Batch

Will be me practicing my hardest on drawing dragons and hybrids of sorts and ferals. You will also get something a like those art works of mine I just showed. I'll be choosing three, so that's why i said you can post more than one fursona.

Third Batch

Will be for baby fursonas/ baby cubs. There's a little of everything going on here so the littles also get some art. They will receive art just like the ones I showed and will only pick three.

If this goes well, which I hardly doubt it will, I'll do digital sketches for as many as I can once I get those three batches down.

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