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renaming Twilight Sparkle and Trixie

If you came up with characters based on Twilight Sparkle and Trixie, what might you name them?

I ask this because it may help me decide on names.
I had an idea for human Twilight and human Trixie to become outsmarted and subdued by an evil sorceress.
But now I think there are enough differences between my idea and MLP to make them unrelated.
So I am thinking of all-new names.

Some names I'm considering for Twilight are Julianne, Blossom, Melody, Violet, Sydney, etc
Or maybe a Japanese name! (e.g. Ayumi, or... ?)
Should I just stick to the original names and make it MLP based?

p.s. Naming is serious business!
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Added: 5 years, 10 months ago
5 years, 10 months ago
Well, I have a character named Nightmare Pestilence who's kinda like Twilight, but that's only because I felt like tipping my hat toward MLP when I started watching it. The four nightmares in my story were imagined long before FiM even came out.

All the way back in 2006 or 2007 I decided I wanted the race of Fiends (beings of ultimate corruption) to be run by unicorns, (beings of ultimate purity)
...corrupted dire unicorns modeled after the harbingers of the apocalypse. (Instead of having horsemen, I wanted horse-men.)

The only real difference between now and then is now they aren't all unicorns, and now they're all female, when originally I was going to have two females and two males...

I should probably write my own journal entry on them instead of rambling on in someone else's...
5 years, 10 months ago
I tend to favor Twilight as being of Asian decent, so giving her a Japanese name works well.  As a note, if a name ends in 'ko' that part is usually translated as "girl" or "child".  Some possibilities:

Aki - can mean "Autumn", "Bright", or "Sparkle" depending on the kanji used; variant: Akiko
Amaya - "Night rain"
Asami - "Morning beauty"
Hoshi - "Star"
Kamiko - "Superior girl"
Miyako - "Beautiful night child"
Sora - "Sky"
Sumiko - "Clear thinking girl"
Teruko - "Shining girl"
Toshiko - "Clever girl" (Raptors not included.  Some assembly required.)
Tsukiko - "Moon child"
Yuko - "Helpful girl"
Yuriko - "Hundred-perfect-girl"  (I think it might be more accurately translated as "Truly perfect girl".)

I really don't see Trixie as particularly Asian.  Not saying she couldn't be, but I don't think the fit is as solid.  If Trixie's expy is to be Caucasian, I would lean towards vaguely pretentious names like Tiffany or Victoria and a last name such as Blessed or Divine.

Alternately you could take inspiration from her official full name, Trixie Lulamoon.  Maybe it's just me, but that last name sounds vaguely Polynesian.  Some possibilities:

'Akahi - "For the first time" or "Never before"
A'ia'i - "Bright, like moonlight", or "Shining"
Aiwaiwa - "Inexplicable", "Mysterious", or "Marvelous"  <-- This is how she wants to be seen
Akamai - "Smart" or "Clever"
Aolani - "Heavenly cloud"
Aouli - "Firmament" or "Sky"
Ha'aheo - "Proud", "Haughty" or "to strut"  <-- This is what she is
Halulu - "To roar or thunder", "Loud noise", or "Racket"  <-- Also quite appropriate!
Hanohano - "Glorious", "Honored", or "Dignified"  <-- This is also how she wants to be seen
Hiapa'i'ole - "Expert" or "Foremost"  <-- She would be satisfied to be regarded as this
Hiehie - "Attractive", "Distinguished", "Noble" or "Superb"
Hinuhinu - "Bright", "Glittering", "Splendid", or "Lustrous"
Ka'ohu - "The mist"
Kaha'aheo - "The proud one"  (See Ha'aheo)
Kanuha - "The sulky one"
Ke'alohilani - "The brightness of heaven"
Keha - "Pride", "Dignity", or "Majesty"

Erm...and it's getting late for me, so I'll let you stroll through the list of baby names if any of these interest you.

5 years, 10 months ago
Trixie Lulamoon *facepalm*
No wonder it's been speculated she is associated with Luna somehow.

Anyway, a name sitting in my idea pool is Patricia (for Twilight) and Lady (for Trixie).
First and last names: Lady Valentine (for Trixie) although weirdly the word Lady makes it seem like her last name is her first name. And others might simply call her Val. (although this is not entirely a bad thing)
For Patricia, I don't know what the last name could be.
As if deciding on first names wasn't hard enough, deciding on last names is insane.

Interesting you had the vaguely prententious name idea for Trixie, evidently I was along the same lines when I saw Lady.
I might think that her mother, probably gave her a pompous name to compensate for their lower societal rank, and maybe other things like being a single mom.

If I choose names that perhaps say something about their respective backgrounds. I believe Lady and Patricia do this.

Another criteria I was looking at as a possibility is whether the names can be shortened to allow the two to refer to each other using pet names. Patricia for example can be Trish, Pat, or Patty.

Ethnicity is of course another consideration.
5 years, 10 months ago
Heh...there is at least one trio of linked fanfics in which Trixie's family faithfully served Luna prior to her fall into darkness.  

Hmmm...I don't know about Patricia for Twilight.  It doesn't quite feel right.  If you were to go with a standard Anglo-Saxon name for her, I'd lean more towards something like Elena Rosewood or maybe Kelly O'Faolin.  While I'm sure they exist, I've honestly never known a bookish or particularly geeky Patricia.  To me, Patricia is a name I'd more readily give to Pinkie Pie, and not merely because of the same first initial.  That's just my my feelings on the matter though, and with the correct last name, even Patricia could work.  Still, if you wanted a name for Twilight starting with 'P', why not Paige?  She certainly reads enough...

Lady Valentine works okay for Trixie.  Even if you assume 'Lady' is a title, Valentine could be her surname.  Traditions for that sort of thing varied after all.  In the case where Valentine was the given name, the typical format would be 'Lady Valentine of [family] [optionally any other titles]' whereas if Valentine was the surname, one might in an informal setting be introduced to one's peers as simply Lady Valentine.  At least I think that's correct.  SPA members or history buffs are welcome to correct me.

Anyway, I can see her family trying to put on airs and thereby setting the tone for their daughter.  That fits the character overall.

On the issue of shortening names, Elena shortens to either Ellie or Lena, but I admit neither Paige nor Kelly can be shortened any.  Hmm...perhaps Danica which is a Slavic name meaning 'morning star'?  That would allow for Dani as a shortened version.  Anyway, the surname need not be Slavic thanks to intermarriage.

5 years, 10 months ago
"While I'm sure they exist, I've honestly never known a bookish or particularly geeky Patricia."
That is an interesting consideration. Isn't it probably a coincidence that the Patricias you met weren't booky/geeky?
Actually, I think I got the idea for a name from an erotic fic on FA titled Trish and Cass.
If Trish is not a good name, what about Cass? =)

Thanks for your input, I'm feeling more assured in using Lady Valentine.
5 years, 10 months ago
Of course it's entirely possible that my experience with people named Patricia is an exception rather than the rule.  My knowledge of Patricias is far below what a formal psychological study would use as a proper sample (upwards of 1000 samples is preferred), so I do not in any way suggest my experience to be a valid baseline.  Still, I have only my own experiences to judge by.  What value would my input be if I started giving 'advice' with no basis at all?  In lieu of a formal study on the psychological effects of a name (which probably already exists somewhere), these judgements concerning the appropriateness of names are all highly subjective.  

Psychology aside, I think Cass is good!  It's often short for Cassandra which is also the name of the woman who prophesied the events of the Trojan war but wasn't believed due to a curse on her.  Then there's Cass Elliot, one of the members of the Mamas and the Papas, and the one who appeared in the episode of The New Scooby Doo Movies titled The Haunted Candy Factory.  Alternately, Cassandra can be shortened to Sandra or Sandy.  Yeah, I think the name Cass shows some serious promise.
5 years, 10 months ago
I found a potential problem with Patricia. I see the word pleb occassionally being used in memes. Apparently the opposite of pleb (plebian) is patrician.


the word patrician also appears in some definitions of pleb

Though, it's not necessarily a bad thing to have internet lingo engrained in a name. I will have to think about it.

Cass sounds good. Or rather, Cassandra, then shortened to Cassie. Thanks for the input!
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