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Bday soooon.

Okey so like twelve days left or so.  It's on the 25th if you would like to know and I will turn 39 or something.

Some how I think I need to adopt my mothers way of counting somehow she was never older than twenty one.  She went through her first round then her second round and on to her third but was NEVER older than twenty-one.  Older doesn't mean wiser it really means you've done enough stupid shit to know better or can imagine what can happen when a new situation comes along.

So what else to say?  I don't know I will be working and likely won't bother really celebrating and I have realized in the past that if you really really want something you either need to ask/beg or just get it yourself.  So I figure the best gifts I'll get this year are commissions.  I have like five set i believe and will look for maybe one or two more if I can afford it the first from Toan came out awesome and I can now give it as a reference for the rest to come which I think will help a great deal.

As for the rest, like real life well to heck with it people will either remember or they won't.  Sadly I gave up a few years back when everyone did actually forget funny thing is I am the one who usually tries to remind my close family when someone else is near.  Wonder what would happen if I stopped.

On the other side.  i have been writing and writing and scratching my head at how big this story is getting and I just want it to END.  It has an end it just seems like forever to get there.  The final chapter of my pokemon story is well out of control.  I burned through two 70 page notebooks and now had to just flip the book to write out the last few scenes but even that seems like maybe twenty pages so its around 160 pages written out.  Ya 160 pages written.  I've never even seen final term paper that's even close to that size. And typed well half way or so through the second book and its 39 pages typed out so far.  I can guess it might be around 60+ typed and I have no clue who on earth would read such a pile of words.  I will split it up in to two pieces in the hopes that those who want to read the ending can and will likely post the first half maybe this weekend and the second next weekend,  maybe.  I think I need to be less attached to my characters so I can just dump parts but once its written down and I can see it, well its just hard to ignore.
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