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Protect your puppies... (also, a note to my readers...)

Got a few words for you guys, as well as some bitching, which I'll get out of the way superfast...

I can't believe it. Car trouble again. Considering the other stresses I'm dealing with in real life too, I'm about ready to go looking for puppy pooters to punt.

Just joking - if you haven't already figured it out, I adore animals and have never hurt a single one. I even bitch at people who crush snails and cockroaches, so I'm not about to go hurt a puppy.

Seriously though, this is getting a bit too much. I promised an update to a story, but my car broke down - and I won't say "again", because that's the thing: it's a new car - and that's left my laptop at some other bugger's house. Have to organize a way to get there again and recover all my stuff; was crashing there a few nights just to clear my head. Worked surprisingly well, but not well enough. Need a holiday. Ugh.

Now, folks, I won't take long, hopefully, to post something new. I'm going through a rough patch, etc, etc, but I'm not usually given to whining about it. If anything, it's testament to how bad it is because I never like bitching about it in journals usually. Furries that do that usually piss me off something terrible. So I won't dwell on this for too long.

I do have a few journals in the mix, including a few ones I promised from long ago. The "ask me anything" journal in particular is still floating around at the back of my head. Truth be told, the first two journals received... well, poor reception. The number of people who volunteered questions could be counted on a single hand, with one single guy providing the vast majority. I really wanted to generate discussion about my stories and get my fans involved, but it kind of fizzled. So most of the second part has been answered, I just haven't worked up the motivation to finish it off.

On a related note: I've actually been dropping hints about Tai's Story 2 in journals recently. Somewhat inadvertently, at first, but it's getting more deliberate. This is because I'm thinking about the story, researching and indulging in media that mirrors the themes, locations and so on, and then talking about that stuff in journals. I've already revealed several major themes and technically even the location of most of the story, and I'm probably going to be continuing that. ;)

Obviously, unless something major happens, I'll be moving onto TS2 when Astray is finished.

Also, looking at this fandom in general... is it me or are we extremely coy at discussing sexuality? For such an ostensibly open and apparently balls-out horny "subculture", I've heard more educated and honest discussion on the freakin' bus to work or even on public radio.

I'm considering delving into that a little. "Furries" alone are an interesting case study, let alone furries that indulge in countless other paraphilia - which is most of us, let's be fair. Chances are, if you read my stories alone, you've got an interest in a dozen other highly specific kinks, and yet nobody ever thinks to really analyse this, despite the fact you almost certainly would have the intelligence and maturity to discuss it if we did. Perhaps the "cub" aspect scares people into silence about everything else too, I don't know. Ironically, if there's one thing that truly needs discussion and understanding in the fandom (let alone elsewhere), it's that.

I generally avoid talking about sexuality here for two reasons. The first is that I don't want to be crass; even in a community like this, it's easy to scare people away with overt or distasteful focus on sexuality. This sleazy, mindless, slobbering sex-fiend focus is what deters most people from porn and/or most erotic writing to begin with, and I want to avoid that entirely, given that...
Two, my stories are not entirely about sex or for the purposes of titillation. So I try to not give the impression that that's all I'm here for.

But just as my stories are advocating understanding and open discussion of issues of sexuality (rights of gay youth for one example) amongst other things, there's no escaping the matter. I'm not about mindless indulgence in prurience without context, but I am about understanding it in context. So maybe we can stop being so coy about these things and take a look at them - they are, after all, part of what makes us human.

Also, pfft, it's an anonymous forum for most of y'all, so you've got nothing to lose. Not like I'll judge you.

Unless you say your biggest fetish is punching puppy anuses.
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Added: 5 years, 9 months ago
5 years, 9 months ago
WHO TOLD YOU ABOUT MY PUPPY PUNCHING FETISH?!?  It was the NSA, wasn't it?  ADMIT IT, IT WAS THE NSA.  Damned spy programs...

Also, sex can be difficult to discuss in a frank way because in part, we lack some of the language to really discuss it, or it's so stigmatized that even in a sexually open fringe group like this, sex has to remain, for the most part, discussed in private in hushed tones, or not at all.  It's a difficult situation.
5 years, 9 months ago
Hmm, sex, what is there to converse about? the hoo-hoo goes into the cha-cha is only a very small percent of what really goes on in the sex world.as you said, fetishes span far and wide.
5 years, 9 months ago
It's possible that we don't talk earnestly about sex because the fandom's indulgence of it is steeped in fantasy. Being reminded that there are realities that need to be considered is somewhat like breaking the fourth wall. Worrying about STIs, emotional issues, contraception, etc. ruins the narrative of effortless multiple insertion cum orgies.

That and I don't think we're as sexually liberated as we like to think we are. I consider myself fairly open to talking about sex with anyone who wants to, yet I hesitate to use words describing parts or acts. There seems to be a deeply ingrained puritan streak running through it that says we must blush whenever someone talks about sex and that it's simply not something we discuss in polite company.
5 years, 9 months ago
The transportation gods have not been very kind to you as of late, have they? You might consider learning to fly, vulpine style *puts on cool shades*.

Sexuality is a taboo topic to most people/furs; I'm not fully certain whether that is a result of a conservative culture, or whether it's an intrinsic part of being human. The former always seemed more veracious to me, but hey, I'm not really fit to judge the populace. What I can confidently say is that it appears easier to stick your head in the sand than to actually contemplate an issue outside of the myopic, comfortable boxes we like to build for ourselves.

I study sexuality, gender identity, transhuman theory, furry identity theory, bioengineering on humans, human mating patterns and sexology, and various social issues that are widely considered to be taboo (child prostitution, sex trafficking, etc.). I am more than willing to contribute to a discussion of any/all of the above openly and freely. Unfortunately, the same can not be said for real-life (whatever that is) social discourse, as I would be forcefully removed from any conversation if I publicly acknowledged these taboo fields. Humorously, I believe that there are more academic scholars discussing the relationship between furry identity and sexuality than there are furries having that discussion. Of course, those scholars might be furries too, which is awesome!

But I don't think that the community has removed itself entirely. There are many written stories on Inkbunny alone that explore some of the more serious ramifications of our amorous fantasies and fetishes. Granted, those consequences are usually only partially analyzed, or utilized for dramatizing purposes. Yet it is there, in a variety of nuanced fashions. And that is often my favorite part of furry writing anyways...I am a weird cat...

So don't get too discouraged! Go forward with the discussion, as it does need to be properly fleshed out! I'll stay in the auditorium, even if everyone else leaves *straps self in*. By the looks of the posts prior to mine though, it seems that there are others at least marginally interested as well. Besides, it's not like you're a pompous busybody on a moral crusade; we've got the rest of society filling that occupation.      
5 years, 9 months ago
My comments are too long, sorry about that xD.
5 years, 9 months ago
I have absolutely no restrictions on speaking about my fetishes... just ask away.
5 years, 9 months ago
...coy? I honestly haven't noticed, although that may be because I'm relatively conservative in the first place so my definition of coy may be too extreme.
5 years, 9 months ago
*jumps arounds excitedly and tries not to punch puppies out of excitement for Astray/Ts2* x3 oh! oh! will you also be releasing that short story thing with Tai, Mike, and Jake? =o Because I've been dying for that for about a year or two now xD Oh and also is Ts2 going to be released one chapter a time? =o oh, and did I also mention I'm really excited? xD
5 years, 9 months ago
Also, I love how everyone is all up and uppity about intelligent discussion on human sexuality and I'm just giddy for more Ts x3
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