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New Commission Type

I've now added a new type of commission to the list you can choose from.
I've gotten a few inquiries and request about them, so now I've gotten something more stable as an idea of how they'll work when they're commissions!

They'll be $25. Or if you're looking for it being fixed up after the speedpaint is done, $35. And that means you'll get two drawings from me for the latter price.

This is how it works if you choose to buy a speedpaint from me:
You'll pay upfront.
I'll slot you in for the next speedpaint I haven't done. I do one a day, so you won't have to wait too long.
The speedpaint commissions will be like normal speedpaints. Only one hour long. I'll usually do full body and color, since that's what I can fit. one rare occasions I may be able to do a very simple background.
the speedpaint will always be the name of the day I drew it, and it will always have a white background (the white box it is in), like all the other speedpaints.
If you pay the extra fee, I'll fix it up out of time. I'll give it a different title (most likely that of the character, unless you request otherwise), and it'll have a transparent background.
You'll have to supply me with ONLY picture references. Because if I'm doing a speedpaint, It's so much easier to refer back to a picture than text. However, you can use text at the second phase if you decide to have me fix it up after the hour (Just in case I missed anything important, or irksome to you).
It's first come, first serve. Since I'll be slotting people in for the days. Though, I doubt that'll be any problem, currently. (And once ordered, I'll tell you what day to expect it finished.)

Be aware, I can't do everything within an hour, since I am speedpainting. I might miss lighting and give flat colors, or even not colored at all if it's a more difficult and detailed character.
You have the option to add the $10 to the original $25 before or after you order/it is drawn. However, you cannot add $10 a week or so after I drew it. So there is a limited time to the redrawn speedpaint.
You're not limited to pokemorphs. That's just what I've chosen to drawn to occupy the days.

Any questions? don't hesitate to ask!~
More of the details can be seen here, in my (slightly updated) commission sheet.~

Also, here's a few examples of my speedpaints redrawn:
Total $25 (one drawing) -to-> Total $35 (two drawings)
Charizard SpeedPaint -to-> ReDrawn Charizard (safe)
Giratina (Origin) SpeedPaint -to-> ReDrawn Giratina (Origin) (safe)
Giratina (Altered) SpeedPaint -to-> ReDrawn Giratina (Altered)
Yveltal SpeedPaint -to-> ReDrawn Yveltal (safe)
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