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I Am NOT Every Catholic ><

Just a quick vent I wanna get out of the way. The title should be straightforward. I am NOT every Catholic. So, why should I be blamed every time some Catholic in the world does something? Every time a small group of Catholics does something, whether the church condones or condemns it, its ALL 1.2 BILLION CATHOLICS' FAULT!

Just like ANY group, there's a LARGE variety of us. There are hate filled Catholics who just hate everything and want God to come down and kill all the sinners, then there are loving Catholics who love and accept all peoples, and only want the best for the earth, then there are those in between.

One could do the same with Atheists, you know. Every time an atheist goes out of their way to make a religious community's life miserable, I could say it's ALL atheists in the world's fault. But, its not. I know very nice and tolerant Atheists, with whom I'm good friends with. I accept their beliefs, and they accept mine. Then there's one who won't rest until EVERYONE he knows is as hateful of religion as he is. But, do I blame Brad, Luke and Dra for what my brother and that one other guy I won't name does? No.

So why blame me for what some corrupt Catholic does in some foreign land?

Just saying. If you read this... KTHNXBYEE ^^
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Added: 5 years, 10 months ago
5 years, 10 months ago
blaming Catholics for all world problems is the same as saying all Muslims are terrorists
5 years, 10 months ago
Exactly! I almost included that example, but decided not to complicate things by using more than one group as an example ^^;
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