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Wolf Children: Ame and Yuki

So, the world essentially came crashing down on me while writing the second chapter of Life of Ash, preventing me from having it up at my desired time (being Friday/Saturday). I am now planning for either Saturday or Sunday. The chapter will be longer than the first, if that compensates for its delayed release xD.

The reason for the demurral: Wolf Children: Ame and Yuki. This movie has kidnapped my attention for the past couple of days, eliciting all sorts of emotions from my overly sentimental core. I smiled, and I cried, and then I proceeded to grin again; and the roller coaster continued throughout my first viewing, and well into my second. In short, you MUST see this film, someway, somehow! Kicia demands it!

What is it about? A young college student, Hana, falls in love with a wolf-man and has two kids with him. Both of these kids turn out to be neither fully human or fully wolf. In an attempt to raise her kids, Ame and Yuki, after the death of their father (not really a spoiler) away from the suspicious eyes of the city, Hana moves out to the countryside. But with her lack of farming knowledge, due to being a typical city gal, she has a hard time providing for her family as a single mother. The story tracks her and her kids' experiences as they engender a new life in a place where community means something more than simply existing around other people, while also covering up the consistent problem of Yuki and Ame being, well, wolves.

The story is moving because it draws a lot of emotion from the simple, yet almost majestic, events of life. The film tackles a great deal of subjects without resolving any issues, and it's kind of better off that way. Single parenthood, loss of a loved one, the differences between urban and rural communities, identity, friendship, commitment, freedom, and growth. All of these are brought up, without shoving anything down your throat; and that passivity is a nice sensation. It was all very heartwarming, and it ended with a satisfied grin from me, even if I was in a bit of a stupor.

But let's face it, the real reason why the fur community is flocking to this film is because of the wolf elements. So how were those? I'm not merely considering the superficial cuteness of wolf children, because, come on, YOU KNOW that they will be adorable from the get go.

Honestly I got a great deal out of this movie, because it ACTUALLY raises some questions about furry fandom. Not just in how one identifies, but in what path one chooses to take with that identity. The main question being: if you were a fur, what side of the bench would you lean towards? Human or animal? Granted, I personally don't believe that we should have to make that choice under similar conditions (assuming those conditions are ever possible). Still, it is interesting to think about the ramifications of living in a world were you can ONLY be a wolf or ONLY be a human.

Hana is also the best parent that I have ever seen in an anime; not simply reflected her dedication to protect her children, but in her determination to see her children follow the path that they desire. The story is almost more about her than her children, in her quest to find a life that will allow her children to prosper. Hana is just a phenomenal source of pure human compassion and love.

In short, I adore this film. I plan on getting it whenever it hits Blu-Ray, for whatever price it may be. If you like wolves, then see this film. If you like touching stories, then see this film. If you are interested in furry concepts, then see this film. I don't care your reasoning, just see this film!

(Afterthought: the art and music direction are also superb, cleverly telling parts of the story, or extracting intense emotions, without any dialogue. It drew me in from the first minute, and held me there with my full consent.)

Hope that this journal sates your appetite for another day or so; sorry for the delay x3! Have a furnomenal day!

Kicia out!      
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