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The Walnut Gallery: Voice Actor Auditions Open!

Hello everyone.

It is finally time for us to open auditions for the new audio story, created by
, entitled "The Walnut Gallery". We want this project to be great, but all great projects need friends like you all to make it happen. We will be opening auditions effective as of the posting of this journal. Auditions will remain open until June 16th, 2013 12:01 AM Pacific Time; that's a week from this coming Sunday. There will be no extensions on this time period. If you want to try for a part, you must have your sound bites in by that time, in order to be considered.

Before auditioning, however, please be aware of the following:

1. If you are selected, you will be expected to follow through. By auditioning. you are committing yourself to the project, which could last for several seasons, and will not decide halfway through 'I can't do this. I quit'.  We need actors, not slackers. Unforeseen circumstances, such as a change in a family situation or an emergency are understandable. Just deciding that “I’m tired of this” is not. If you must quit, please do so between seasons.

2. You will be expected to be reliable and prompt when recording. Any and all lines that you are given will be required to be back to us no later than one week after the day you receive the script. We hope to make this a steady project, and to do that, we must be able to have the lines within a week. If, for some reason, you will be taking longer than a week, please communicate that to our producers as soon as possible, preferably well before you have to be absent.

3. Quality of recording will be taken into account. That is to say, if your recording has too much background noise or room reverb, or is too loud or too soft, severely lacking in high or low frequencies (or has too much of either), we may have to give your great voice a pass, simply because we will not be able to correct them sufficiently for production. We highly recommend you use recording software, such as Audacity (which is free) so you can see what you are recording. This will give you clear clues about background noise and recording levels.

4. You may be asked to redo submitted lines simply because we would like a different inflection. Therefore, the sooner you get your lines to us, the better. If you consistently turn in your lines at the last minute, it could hold up production. One thing you might consider doing would be, when asked to record lines, do more than one take on each line, with a different inflection on each.

Things to Consider When Auditioning

1. If you wish to audition for more than one part, please feel free! However, submit each audition as a separate file, and label the file appropriately.

2. If you wish to try different voice for a single character, please do so. You can put the different voices on the same submission file in that case.

3. Please read the line exactly as given, at least once. You may, if you so desire, change the wording for different takes,  or give the line with others to give it some additional character, but give us at least one with the line read exactly as is for each voice.

4. You might consider reading the line with different inflections. This will likely enable you to showcase your ability to us better.

5. Please use either wav or mp3 format when submitting. If you use mp3 make sure it is set for at least 128bps. While we might be able to use other formats, we can’t guarantee it, nor can we vouch for their quality.

And now, the part you’ve all been waiting for. Here are the individual characters we need voices for:

Name: Albert DiRusso
Occupation: TBD
Age: 34
Personality: Bumbling Dad
Relationship: Father to Morey and Robbie
Line for audition: "Boys!  Time for breakfast!  I'm making gooseberry pancakes!"
Low voice needed

Name: Spence Spader
Occupation: Construction
Age: 32
Personality: TBD
Relationship: Digby's dad
Line for audition: "Just what I need... more garden tools."
Low voice needed

Name: Gerald Vanderbil
Occupation: Teacher
Age: Undetermined
Species: Gerbil
Personality: Cool Old Guy
Line for audition: "And that, class, is how you make a diet cola bottle rocket."
High voice needed

Name: Chet Hooper
Occupation: School Principal
Age: 42
Species: Human
Personality: Serious about his work
Line for audition: "Congratulations.  You've just been held back... AGAIN!"
Low voice needed

Name: Willson Jagger (Jagger)
Role: Villain Antagonist, Digby's arch nemesis
Species: Hedgehog
Age: 13 1/2
Grade: 7
Personality:  Pathological jerk jock
Line for audition: "That carpet shark's got nothin' on the Jagger."
Low voice needed

Name: Nick Renaldo
Role: Jagger's henchman
Species: Fox
Age: 13
Grade: 7
Personality: The Weasel
Line for audition: "Hey, runt! It's collection day! Time to empty your pockets."
High voice needed

Name: Dodger Calhoun
Role:  Jagger's henchman
Species: Badger
Age: 13 1/2
Grade: 7
Personality: Jerk With A Heart Of Gold, Understanding patsy
Line for audition: "Don't ask me.  I'm just a heavy."
Low voice needed

Name: Digby Spader
Role: The Head
Species: Groundhog
Age: 13
Grade: 7
Personality: Unlikely hero
Relationships: Spence Spader's son
Line for audition: "Another field trip to the observatory?  Oh, good grief!"
High voice needed

Name: MacKenzie Fernworthy (Mac)
Role: The Pretty One
Species: Pine Marten
Age: 13
Grade: 7
Personality: Spunky, Little Miss Con Artist
Line for audition: "Looks like a good spot for our game.  How about a friendly practice game, one on one?"
High voice needed

Name: Morey DiRusso
Role: The Wild One
Species: Ferret
Age: 13 1/2
Grade: 7
Personality: Enthusiastic
Relationships: Albert DiRusso's son, Robbie DiRusso's brother, Alexander Gulopagus' (Guzz) cousin
Line for audition: "Out of bounds?!  Oh, come on!  I've seen sea lions who could do a better job than that!"
Either high voice or low voice is acceptable

Name: Robbie DiRusso
Role: The Tagalong Kid
Species: Ferret
Age: 9 1/2
Grade: 3
Personality: Bratty Half-Pint
Relationships: Albert DiRusso's son, Morey DiRusso's brother,  Alexander Gulopagus' (Guzz) cousin
Line for audition: "Let's face it... I'm too adorable for my own good."
High voice needed

Name: Travis Guthrie (Guthrie)
Role: The Sixth Ranger
Species: Rabbit
Age: 13
Grade: 7
Personality: Anchor, The Quirk
Relationships: Hunter Guthrie's brother
Line for audition: "You've got serious thrill issues, bro."
Low voice needed

Name: Hunter Guthrie
Role: Deliberately Cute Child
Species: Rabbit
Age: 10
Grade: 4
Personality: Hyperactive
Relationships: Travis Guthrie's brother
Line for audition: "Aw, c'mon!  I promise I won't hit the ball this time."
High voice needed

Name: Samantha Cafferty (Sammie)
Role: The Smart One
Species: Possum
Age: 12 1/2
Grade: 6
Personality: Bookworm
Line for audition: "You gotta see this!  The boys are fighting over who can be the most grossest again!"
High voice needed

Name: Chow
Role: Team Pet
Species: Feral Dog
Age: 35 (5 in human years)
Personality: Playful, Goofy
Line for audition: "Now wait a doggone minute?  He can't be mutt and master at the same time!"
Either high voice or low voice is acceptable
Note: Please include a couple ‘barks’ separate from the above line for this one.

Please send all auditions to thewalnutgallery@yahoo.com , with the subject line being ‘The Walnut Gallery Audition.’ In the body of your e-mail, please include the names of the character(s) you are auditioning for. Please make sure the name of your audition file also reflects the character name, to make it easier for us to sort out who auditioned for what part.

Good luck to all who audition!
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