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future stuff?

Sorry i haven't been around much. getting more into inkbunny lately so i'll try to get it updated.
But god i haven't done any adult stuff in forever. and i've barely done anything furry and adult, not jsut any plain sex stuff, all creatures and things.
So might try that and i'm thinking of just keeping this place mostly for adult stuff?

aside from that what would you guys most like to see more of in my art?

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Added: 5 years, 8 months ago
5 years, 8 months ago
Well...I know you as an artist who likes to draw hypnosis-themed art. I like those 'lovey-lovey' things combined with hypnosis found in your art the most.

Honestly, if you want to be more active here, you have to gather and keep an audience which keep you active.
I think you should give also people who aren't legally allowed to see adult things 'something to bite in', which could attract them to keep sitting on your audience seats. The same case goes for persons who lack an InkBunny account, but still like to see some art of you.
5 years, 8 months ago
Thanks for the advice.
I liked how you refer to fans as an 'audience' hehe. interesting but rather true way of putting it.
Anyway i'm not so craving for attention because i do have my popular DA, my furaffinity and even my website. i just kinda wanted to do somethign a little different here youknow? cus why have all these different galleries and just do the same thing with all of them.
But yeah i can do clean stuff too for younger viewers and stuff. as i posted in a poll on DA i am thinking of doing a lot more of that intimate sort of stuff.
OH speaking of which there's something i desperately need to upload here.
5 years, 8 months ago
You're welcome~
Also true about keeping the gallery of each site unique instead of mirroring each art on each site.
Maybe you could put art featuring your characters in a younger age and/or high resolution art here, because FA has (still) the 1280x1280 and 10MB limit. I'm not certain which resolution / filesize-limits DA nor your site have.
But please keep in mind that not everyone has an account at every place.
I lack an DA account for example because most of the art there doesn't attract me (too much mspaint edits pop up when I use the search function, and there isn't any tag-filtering system).

Anyway, I hope I gave you some ideas |=(:3
5 years, 8 months ago
I'm pretty sure DA is infinite. i've seen pictures with a size of hundreds of thousands of pixels each way.
Like 120000X120000 as an example.
most of these are vector images (as those can be stretched to infinite size both ways with no destruction to the picture)
Actualyl DA does have a Tag think i think. i'm not entirely sure. they've made some changes recently and there is a "more like this" thing which picks up similar images based on the tags ii think.
I've not had a problem with bad quality pictures to be honest. imean sure you're gonan go through pages of loads of bad quality paper scans and bad paint pictures with no real skill put into them but htat's gonna be the case everywhere. you cant really restrict a person's art based on the quality, to an extent.
but no matter where i go i'm gonna be wading through pages and opening up maybe three pictures for avery handful of pages as FA and inkbunny have loads of stuff which is far too disgusting for my tastes or jsut isn't interesting enough. i actually find a lot better stuff on DA.
and google images of course if you can stand all the unrelated crap XD
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