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There Are Words Here!

Okay. So, from here on out, all dA point commissions are closed. I will not accept anymore. Now, those that I already accepted, I'm getting to. Don't worry. But, no more. Because, I need real money for real things. I'm going out on my own for the first time in my life, and I'm not going to **** it up and end up like my stepbrother: 22 and sharing a room with my brony brother and angry at everything around him, blaming everyone but himself for why his life sucks. So... Yeah... I'm tired of him, and I'm not going to lose and end up like that ^^;

So... Personal things... I'm officially graduated! And, I must say... I'm BORED! Everyone is out and about from 8 to 2. I've got the house alone most of the time except for my older stepbrother who comes and goes whenever he pleases. Anyways... I'm lacking the energy to do chores, so now any time the house is not cleaned at the end of the day, even if it was CLEARLY one of my 3 other male siblings' turns to do so, I get blamed for it. More so than usual. So... I need more energy that doesn't come from caffeine.

Another thing. I finally did it. I went through and just deleted the several thousand backed up watch thingies I've had going on. I didn't even look through them. Just, deleted them. So, I pretty much missed almost everything in your life between March and now unless it was directly brought to my attention. Sorry ^^;

An odd thing... I think I found a guy who matches all the personality and interest traits that I had decided my future wife must have. He fits some of the physical traits, but very few. Cause, well, he's a guy. He was in my class. Almost asked him to prom (as a friend), but then I found out he was 100% straight. ^^; So... Yeah... Never again am I going to try to ask out a guy.

Besides, I ended up going with a good female friend of mine who I for some odd reason stopped talking to but really need to message on Facebook sometime and become friends with again. All in all, prom was fun. Just thought I'd share this with you.

So, now on to another thing. Here's why I need the money. No more is my mom going to take money from me, she says. So... Now I'm raising money for personal necessities. As you may know... I don't have the money to get my driving test done with >< I have the hours, the classes, all that. I literally need like $200 to cover fees for the last classes and the license test. I've got like literally less than $8 from commissions. Once I finish 2 I've got going, I'll have a LOT more, but still...

Anyways, No Te Preocupes Por Mi. If you wanna commission me, good. If not, fine. I suck XD I understand. So, that's all.


P.S.: I'm ALWAYS on Skype if you wanna message me throughout the day. FurryScientist is my Skype.
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Added: 5 years, 8 months ago
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