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Re-Prioritizing my Online Fronts

For a while now I've been trying to get a grapple on a problem of dividing my attention across allot of fronts. Second Life, My Art, My Minecraft, Skype, Youtube, and the allot of other fronts. Mainly I try to be as accessible as I can for those who want to talk to me. The problem has been spreading myself too thin across a very wide swath and I feel its to the point where its going to put strains on friendships and my ability to give enough attention to the projects I have on my priorities if I don't do something now. In addition to this I have reached a huge milestone in a project that I've been working on for a very long time More on that in a future journal, but sufice to say that I will need to free energy and resources to give the project the attention it needs. So in short right now I've got too many things on my plate and thus I need to do some cut backs and scaling down so I can free my time, attention, and resources on friends and important projects.

There are three fronts that matter most to me. One is Second Life, the second is my Art Front, and the third is my Minecraft Project. Second Life is where most of my friends are at and of course I love my friends and I sorely need to give more of my attention....and my affection X33333....to them. As for my Art front. I love making art esp. of the furry kind so that of course is on my list of top priorities. The third front is my Minecraft Project. The biggest reason why that project is important to me is two words.....Chipmunk Kingdom. The Chipmunk Kingdom is a personal project that is close to my heart and soul just as much as Tamias the Chipmunk is. So there is no need to say that it deserves my time and energy as well.

In order for me to give my three most important fronts my highest priorities I need to make some some serious cut back on other fronts. Most of them are my fronts on Instant Messengers like Skype, Google talk, and facebook's chat feature etc. No offense to any of those who have contacted me via IM's. But often times my attention is diverted from friends to IM's often times leaving me at risk of missing important things they have said and I often have to ask them to repeat themselves or worse I become unresponsive to what they say. That hurts them and it hurts me. So something needs to be done about it. Unfortunately  scaling down IM's is the only solution I can come up with. The second front I will have to down play is Youtube. While I have not posted youtube videos in awhile, watching youtube videos is something that can fixate my attention. So watching youtube videos is something I will have to cut back on as well. On Facebook I will go on business as usual. However, I will have to scale back on facebook chat like I need to do on IM's in general. Yes these are some serious cut backs on my online front. However its ether have time for my friends and important projects or continue to divid my attention too much across an online presences that is spreading me too thin. I simply cannot be everywhere all at once.

So what does this mean to those that talk to me. From this point forth the best ways to get a hold of me is Second Life, FA notes, Ink Bunny PM's, or Email (for those that have my email). Also to those that tend to link allot of youtube videos please refrain from doing so with me unless the youtube video in question is of earth shaking importance. It sucks that I have to do this, I have some good skype and other IM buddies. Also cutting down youtube will suck too. But again I have to get back to basics on my online fronts in order for me to provide enough attention to where my attention is needed most. That being my friends and my important projects.
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