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Comic Review Schedule Update!!!

So, it's been about five weeks, time to update the comic review schedule.  Hope you'll enjoy what's coming!

1: Sonic: 174-177, the Destruction of Knothole:  One of the best plots in Sonic's history.  Bunnie and Antoine get married, but can't enjoy their nuptuals, as Robotnik unleashes his most devastating attack ever!!!  Sonic is defeated for the first time!!!

2. Sonic Universe 25-28, the Dark Mobius/Prelate Saga...  See Silver and Lara-su--.... Er... Jani-Ca try to survive in a post-apocalyptic alternate universe, where Enerjak rules and everyone on the planet is dead... or worse...

3. Sonic in Space: ....To be honest, I was a lil' reluctant to review this one, but ChaosCroc REALLY wants it.  After the events of Sonic 124-125, Sonic is flung across the galaxy and has to find his way home to Mobius.  Enjoy his exceedingly bland and boring adventures.

4.  Sonic: Home : AFTER his travels through space, Sonic returns to Mobius to find that a year has passed and the world has changed beyond recognition.  With no time to rest, Sonic has to face the biggest attack from Robotnik yet!!!

5: Sonic: The Enerjak Saga:  Knuckles has been corrupted by Dr. Finitevus, and now has been possessed by the spirit of the evil echidna "Enerjak."  After stripping an entire city of people of their clothing (seriously, no joke!) what perversions will he enact upon the world?!

6.  Gold Digger: The Mini-Series:  See the second adventure of Gina, Brit, and their friends and family as they face off against the evil sorcerer Gyphon, and discover El Dorado, Atlantis, Shangri-La AND the Garden of Eden!

7.  Sonic: Assorted Issues and Backstories:  Yeah, no story arc tonight.  This will be a night to allow me to go after individual issues, or whatever I feel like talking about that I can't spend a full night on.

8: Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past Part 1: Yes, folks, I will be reviewing the Legend of Zelda comic printed in the early 90s in Nintendo Power Magazine.  It is drawn by a LEGENDARY manga artist, and while it has NOTHING to do with LOZ: LttP, it's still EXCEEDINGLY awesome.

9: Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Part 2:  It's a LONG F***ING COMIC, so I'll be splitting it into two parts for this review to make it managable! ^^;

10.  Sonic: The ADAM Saga.  Robotnik's "son," a sentient computer virus named ADAM begins a massive plan to impress his father... by killing Sonic and his friends once and for all.

Hope you'll join me for my Livestreams on Monday at 8 PM EST, for these and more!  Rock on, guys and gals!
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