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News Update (6/2/2013)

Top Story: Approaching 100,000 views

I thought I would've reached this milestone in May, but I guess now.  Still, it's not that far away and I figure that since it will likely happen sometime this month that I would mention this.  If you are the person who gets view #100,000 and provide me with a screenshot of it, I will give you $5 in future story credit.  I will only do this for the first one who sends me the screenshot of the 100,000th view and only if it occurs before the end of June.

Other Headlines

Golden Boy: Pre-production has begun on the Golden Boy series and my hope is to begin producing Part 1 of the series this month.  I will note that Part 1 will pick up where the series finale of "Man of the House" left off, but I don't want to give away too many details as of right now.

Allen and Penny Series: Part 6 of the series is in production and will hopefully be completed sometime this month.  As I mentioned earlier, Part 7 will be produced by me for free and I've already received an $8 donation towards Part 8.  (Right now, the status for Part 8 is $8/20 received, in case you're curious).  I'll have more information about this available once Part 6 has been completed.

Coming Soon...

Auction #2: Right now I'm mulling over ideas for a second package that will be available for auction.  Among the ideas I'm considering is doing a story/artwork auction package (if I can find an artist who is willing to assist me) as well as a package which would include a combination of stories, future story credit, and a video game from my collection (there are a handful of games that I have in my collection that I'm never going to get around to playing or ones that I have extra of and I'd like to do something about them).  Keep in mind though that these are rough ideas at the moment and if I were to do a second auction package it won't be until later this summer at the earliest.

BOGO Commission Offer (round 2): Given the interest in the first BOGO commission offer I received, I've decided that I'm going to do it again later this summer (after the current BOGO commissions are completed).  I'm hoping to get around to this by no later than the end of August, but hopefully by the end of July.  Stay tuned for more details in regards to this!

The next news update will occur on or around July 1...unless otherwise stated.
Viewed: 29 times
Added: 5 years, 11 months ago
5 years, 11 months ago
only 500 left now :S

And then to think that just 8 days ago it was still about 3-5k views left.
5 years, 11 months ago
and just one hour later, we passed it, seems quite a few people were waiting for this moment :D
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