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Talking about Fan-Base ep.1 Balto Fan-Bases

Here is list of ideas about the Balto Fan-Bases made-up three-movies are Balto 1, 2, 3. Note: Those people respect the writers, creators intents I have nothing but respect for the creators of balto because they made a great thing. But want give some examples not really respect other people intents for characters.

In this new series talk about Fan-Bases how use other people  intents for the characters.

1) Change characters sex: There is a story about Kodi from Balto 3: Wings of Change from male to female on get a sex change in someone fan-made story. I was thinking to myself really on have respect for writers, creators intents. Writers, creators have done this before look at the TV-show called Fairy Odd Parents Timmy male character become a female for part of the hole episode.

The episode is called: The Boy Who Would be Queen

                               Timmy Female
         Tmmy Male

But the Balto movie only the fans think those ideas as for ex: Kodi become a female.

2) Incest: This some-thing popular in any fan-base at times could possible make a story less boring story or stories on has rape. But the other hand did found-out that dogs, wolf-dogs, wolfs didn't do those incest things. Hey have a friend has brother, sister dogs didn't do in-breed at all, as well not puppy's.

3) Change characters personal: At times see characters would fight-back not fight back in a story or stories or picture or pictures. Other-ideas mainly when found-out someone who stand-up to his team-mates can't take on another dog. Other ideas there is a reason the movies or video-games or TV-show why the writers, creators could possible use the characters more likely how would sound, action.

4) Shipping ideas: Based on no facts, writers intents there own type of development the characters by paring-up characters show no love, romance.

5) Change characters from enemy's in romance: This what Balto & Steele is fan-made couple both then every that this: Steele is proud, mean, and jealous representing all of which Balto despises.   Based on some of the stories, pictures there people like more just enemy's.

Other ideas like this, and note not all the fan-base is this

What the balto movies know to me:

Balto 1: While Balto, Boris, Muk and Luk were searching for the lost sled team, they are attacked by the Grizzly bear. It seems that the bear had been following them for a while. When Muk and Luk throw a snowball at Boris, the Goose turns around in annoyance, and see the polar bears shivering with fright. Boris thinks that they are scared of what he might do to them, but he notices the grizzly and his mouth drops in shock. The grizzly traps Boris and the polar bears underneath a branch, and when Balto tries to defend them, he is easily overwhelmed and crushed beneath the bear's giant paw. Just as Balto starts to suffocate, Jenna comes to his rescue, attacking the bear and wounding her paw in the process. The bear then turns to attack Balto again, who lures it out onto a frozen pond. The giant bear falls through the ice into the freezing water and this is the last we see of it.

Balto 2: When Aleu leaves the crystal cave and sees day light, a huge and furious brown Grizzly Bear attempts to kill Aleu. Balto arrives, distracts the grizzly bear, saves Aleu, they both escape and the grizzly bear disappears.

Balto 3: During the events of the film, Balto, along with Muk and Luk, descend deep into the territory of the very dangerous and crazed Moose. Despite warnings from Muk and Luk, Balto insisted that they press on in order to rescue the downed bush pilot Duke, as well as Boris. The group encounters one very unintelligent, yet formidable Bull Moose, and only upon the arrival of yet another territorial Moose do they manage to escape from the obsessed duo. The bull moose served as the replacement for the original crazed grizzly bear that appeared in the previous two films.
Those ways just talk about  think is showing sad a fan-base as become on make couples, other ideases are not in the writers, creators intent
For movies having Bear-attack two times, two angry mooses. This very surprised people would think of those ideas rather action, adventure ideas. But think maybe for Balto & Jenna will hear that maybe that could possible the only romance, love.

On that Balto 2 was creator on having Balto, Jenna have kids. Big hint Balto movies more know for there action is bring-up back the bear-attack in Balto 2. Didn't bring back anything like relation-ship would link to a sequel with another family.

Hey you didn't see Alue from Balto 2: Wolf-Quest in Balto 3: Wings of Change mentioned found a mated all-ready, had a family. The fans did that not the writers, creators.

Inclosing this: Me talk about a fan-base there movies had two bear-attacks, moose's attacking has a fan-base come with ideas less more of action, adventure ideas. Do like adult things for movies had those type of ideas about bear-attacks in both movies, angry moose's.

I think Balto 1-3 movies stay more true  then the fan-base members after thought those ideas that to ask me there a reason why hear Balto 4 the director of Balto 2, 3: What I really want to see is a Balto 4, Steele returns, out for revenge on Balto for ruining him, and Aleu returns to the rescue.  There is something about "A daughter returns to save her father." There is something about the archetype - to me rings true. So I don't know what happened to her, but I would love to see her come back.  She saves her dad, but know the dynamic is changed, because Kodi has become the Alpha, and now the sister could potentially threaten that relationship. All of those pieces seem like a good launching point for a fourth movie

Make me think he like make stories action, adventure for the characters. As the members of this fan-base proof not really fans by think those ideas talk about.

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