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SEGA Officially Licensed Sonic Porn? O_o

Hey all.
Sorry if I'm a bit late to this ''announcement' or whatever, but I only just heard from somewhere that SEGA has apparently picked up on the profit of Sonic hentai, and have taken to cash in on it..
This is got to be some sort of obvious hoax, but if true it would be pretty cool to see what comes from it..
Would they go for a more Sonic X style or would they use the 3D models?
What do you guys think?
Anyone got anymore information on this, or was this just another one of those troll moments?

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Added: 5 years, 9 months ago
5 years, 9 months ago
hahaha oh man would be funny if turned out true, I can confirm though that at SEGA they are fully aware of Sonic porn and they have many times hinted that they don't mind, after all if it helps them sell more games it's not a bad thing then ;)

And yes I remember one time specifically one of the fan letters that Aaron Wabber answered in public was related to SonicXShadow and he did make a subtle nod that they know about this and don't mind, he did a wink after it, forgot where I seen it but it was on youtube and he was dressed up as Santa and sitting reading letters from the fans and replying.
5 years, 9 months ago
xD how very random.
I remember I was talking to the dude who made the Amy Untold series once, and he said he sent them his comics and erotic calenders to see if they'd either like to license the calenders or if they minded him selling his content, and they just didn't get back to him.
I think if they had an issue with it they'd be like ''NU-UH! ;_;'' thought saying that I bet they get a lot of shit sent to them by fans and they're just like, meh *trashed*.

There are like, animes and stuff where the official creators have also released echi or hentai comics and stuff, so the Japanese are pretty open minded about stuff like that.
I think the main thing holding back any real maturity or sexualisation of Sonics world is the fact it's just so westernized and broadly casted. Sonic's still stuck in the kiddy mascot faze cos that's just where he sells. I think we'd be more likely to see offical erotic Mario art before Sonic. Thought saying that... Rouge.
5 years, 9 months ago
Rouge is the only Sonic character with boob physics and even in one game while Mario had a lot of female characters with bouncy boobs not to mention other perverted "official" stuff related to Mario like transsexuals "Birdo and Vivan for example" Homosexuals, and even a few "sexual parody" movies too.

That said, I'm sure SEGA are aware of Sonic porn they just don't give a shit about it nor try to fight it, where I come from we have a saying "if it's forbidden it's wanted" the fact in Japan these things are allowed they don't really care about them like they do in the west because they're considered "no good" and inappropriate.
5 years, 7 months ago
I think its not true. just a stupid rumour
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