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Wordplay – Silly (and Wishful) Naughtiness

Shall we learn a new word?

Polyphemus, n., plural Polyphemi. An archaic euphemism for the male genitalia.

To accompany the tittery-whoppet, this is the silliest euphemism for the male genitals the authors of my source found. The mythological Polyphemus was the Cyclopes herdsman from The Odyssey who killed and ate several of Odysseus' men before the hero got Polyphemus drunk and put out his eye with a sharpened stick. How the connection between a mythical Cyclopes and a bit of male anatomy was made is beyond me, but it does seem to say something about mens' wishful thinking.

From the book: "Doubtless there is an allusion from the classics denoting a crippled, half-blind midget that would be far more fitting than that of a mighty, towering, single-eyed monster, but we don't know what it is."

Personally, I think the women got the better end of the linguistic deal here. :\

My Source: Depraved and Insulting English, Peter Novobatzky and Ammon Shea
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Added: 5 years, 11 months ago
5 years, 11 months ago
The meatus, (the opening of the urethra), represents the cyclopean eye. It is also referred to in the term "one-eyed trouser snake." Given it's classical etymology, perhaps whoever came up with "polyphemus" as an euphemism was into sounding... (FYI, the word means "much spoken of" or famous.)
5 years, 11 months ago
True enough, although I think Novobatzky and Shea were actually making fun of men's tendency to be insecure about their Polyphemus size.  (As in, they want to be bigger and thicker.  Just look at all the enhancers on the market to see how profitable this insecurity can be.)

Come to think of it, "one-eyed trouser snake" is kind of silly, too.  Not as mighty and hopeful sounding as Polyphemus, though. :p
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