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Noel Progress

Alright, so remember when I asked if anyone wanted to sketch Noel? I has a lil' something now!

It's just a preview done by my old friend BluAnubiz - a little sketch, really!


So there we have that. Lemme show you just what we're supposed to have here:

First, his description!

Being a Spiral Night, Noel's smooth flesh is entirely dusky and dark. Only his eyes and most intimate areas stood in stark contrast. The crowned tip of his manhood was also a fairly vibrant green, with a 'line' running down the top and bottom of his shaft and all he way around his sac. His nipples also stood out with the almost glowing green colour.

He wasn't the tallest of Knights at a mere 5'6, but Noel was best known around Spiral HQ for how that tight suit of his clung to his feminine figure. For a boy, his waist curved too beautifully, and his hips flared far too wide than they had any right to. His thighs were as thickly built as even some of the stronger female Knights, and his butt was a graciously well-formed bubble of rolling flesh that rocked with his movements. His masculinity was there however, a thick bulge of obvious male endowments resting entirely unobstructed from view.

The black and green Vita-suit he wore was standard for low-ranking recruits in the Spiral Order. What set Noel apart from his fellow knights was his choice of headgear: a soft-looking cloth cowl that was shaped like a Kat's head. His Kat Kiss Cowl allowed him to see out of the Kat's mouth, his glowing green eyes peering out beneath the cowl's own decorative eyes. Strangely though, a black Kat's tail waved side to side in the open from the rear of his suit, with a small red bell attached to it that jingled with every action. Either Noel loved to dress up, or he was more than his bundled-up clothing made him seem.

I based his appearance heavily on pieces done by "Eso," like this one: http://static.f-list.net/images/charimage/764385.jpg

As for his particular body shape, I thought of it as being something like this:

http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&... (God, what the hell is anatomy again?)

Kat Kiss Cowl

This is Noel's headgear. it's a hood shaped like a cat's head. They're called "Kats" in Spiral Knights. Apparently they used to be a tribe of cat-like creatures, but they all went extinct. Now one only ever sees Kat ghosts. Noel is never, ever seen without his headgear! It's also a little confusing, because his eyes - glowing and green as they are -  are the same colour as the Kat's eyes on the cowl... but the Kat's eyes are fake, of course.


The Vitasuit

Noel's choice of armor, because it's light and manoeuvrable. Yeah, it hugs his body like a second skin, but it allows him to move quick, which is just what he needs while fencing.


Cat Tail

It's a cat tail. Noel has a cat tail. No one really knows if he actually has a cat tail, and is some kind of cat-person, or if it's just fake. It has a bell on it, because that's cute.



The "Flourish" is Noel's rapier. It's good for stabbing, and encourages a fighting style that is very dependant on movement. He's actually very good at it!


Force Buckler

It's a buckler with a star on it. Bucklers are smaller shields that are used more for parrying than actually blocking, so you'd sooner see Noel using it to deflect weapons or attacks away. But it makes for good bonks on the head, too!


... So that's Noel in a little nutshell!
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Added: 5 years, 9 months ago
5 years, 9 months ago
I might just take a crack at drawing him, if you don't mind me doing so.
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