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Aight, so I'm back from Japan, and have finally gotten stuff at least halfway organized. Now, I can continue working on my current projects, as well as take on new ones once those are done!

A couple of notes on stuff that happened up to now:

-finally ate through spool 2 of white filament, and when I went to get a new spool, found that I had actually recieved 3 black spools and 2 white, rather than the 5 white filament spools I had ordered. while this causes no issues for new prints, I cannot print in white anymore, and only have scrap plastic for use in that color.

-Japan (specifically Okinawa) is amazing. The temperature was an average of 27c (80f i think?), but it was, sadly, monsoon season. It rained a lot, but it was an enjoyable experience over all, and it was definitely something i wanna do again.

-i have decided that until i finish EVERYTHING i am working on, I WILL NOT be taking new commissions for anything. I got enough on my plate now, and I am getting a little burnt out, you know? (of course, i mean no offense to those who wish to request work, nor to those who have/have had work ordered from me)

-if you would like pics, vids, both, or to chat about the trip to Japan, feel free to hit me up.

-both of my bamboo shrimp have died. They were old, they will be missed, but it was expected to occur while gone (i did have someone feeding them while I was gone. ^_^)

-I have decided to start studying robotics in an attempt to further my interests in art and design. This MAY lead to interesting developments in the provided services, but only if I can get this stuff down. Think about it: Your own robotic fursona or figurine of unique design. ^_^ On top of that, I am working on some more adult-themed projects, so yeah..... enjoy the possibilities of that one, lol (heads up, it's the first thing I am working on in my spare time!) Unfortunately, the Arduino Robotics kit wont be available until July, so I will just be practicing coding until then.

-For those looking to hack the PSP BRITE (9g version of the 3000's), I have the required files for you to do so, and it is (literally), 4 steps to do. The only downside is that it isnt permanent on the 3000 series. For them, every time you do a full shutdown (not sleep mode), you must use the recovery program to reinstall the firmware, as the 3000 series decrypter hasnt been decoded yet (or some other shit like that. I didnt pay much attention to it). If you wanna hack your psp to play ISO's and homebrew, just hit me up, and I will send you the files. As a side note, these are all virus free, and you are more than welcome to scan the files I send. In fact, I encourage it, just in case my programs missed anything. (AVG, Norton, Spyware S&D, and Mcaffee are my antivirus scanners)

-I kinda went a little overboard, and spent more than 250 dollars on a big-ass collection of monster hunter figurines. Still missing something like 100+ monsters, but I have a good section of them now, and I am always itching for more, as long as I don't already have that model. I'd even print out a 7.5 inch figurine for anyone who is willing to part with one as an exchange!

-Lastly, I have begun printing my XJ-9 model in segments, preceeding my robotics capabilities. Even if this doesnt work for robotics, I have made mods to the main mesh which will allow the user to add in a single-user marital aid (dildo or pocket pussy), depending on what one may desire. With regards to any interest in this type of figure, printing alone will take up to a month. I strongly suggest that if you are interested in this type of figure (they are a smidge under 6 feet tall), you take a look in my gallery and see what the costs and such are for making one to your specs.
(Link to pictures will be available shortly)
 For now, none of these are poseable models. Once I can make articulate limbs and extremities, I will make them available as an added feature.
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