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bronies are indeed, psychopaths

This is the latest on an assault by a very very mentally sick bronyfag and still never bothered to see how stupid he was all in all.

The following are Private Messages sent to me by that psycho, get ready to laugh your ass off:

"You know, for someone that claimed to be a nun, and then someone that claims and tells the blog entries that you currently have... I want the truth. RIGHT NOW or I inform the moderators that Trixie is being trixie and deceives. For someone who just said those kinds of things are mean... What the fuck do you think you're doing creating different names an persona's all the time. Still don't know whom you are pony? Afraid to be yourself even online? Living in total fear already are we? Still in the dark about many things? My little pony... I fault you nor blame you, but you are being the exact opposite of what you are trying to say so you had better start spilling your guts right now cause you never know where i'll be in the future and this just might be an interesting story to share. Then people might start wondering who you are and why you're doing it, and then they might actually start looking for you demanding answers in which i might or might not do something about. So start talking pony."

Y'know, that caught me offguard.  I had no idea what this fuckface even said, but I do know he was rubbing shit on my face for something I have no idea he was accusing me off.  Yes, he is this crazy and a nutcase, read further:

"Nice try, but this a private convo and i'm simply requesting information. But you can't deny that i'm telling the truth. I mean, you even posted a picture and in this very convo pretended to be a nun. So report me, and they'll have to view and read this whole thread and then they can find out exactly what I'm talking about. Cuase you don't see me changing names or making up stories and board that's supposed to be honest, and thou art not being honest."

Besides spelling like a 5 year old with dyslexia, he claims to be almost 40 years old and still writes this crap after I told him to back off.  Yes, he is one of idiots online thinking the internet is in their yard.  

Even more brony LOL and this is the BIG ONE folks:

"First, I'm not actually pretending to be a female equine. I lived as a woman for a year, and during that time all of my friends and family shut me out. And because that i ended up living on wealthfare and eventually committing suicide (and lived obviously) So although yeah, I still have a male body, it doesn't mean that the soul can't be female. Spiritual energy too would have a polarity. But to illustrate that I would have to draw a 3D chart. In addition that, I would also have to say that I'm aware of my 3rd DNA Strand activation which actually includes multidimensional thinking. That includes the very fear you have been having this past 20 minutes. You emotional vibratory rate is changing as this is kinda freaking you out a bit.
   At any rate, I have a lot of female characteristics and i'm not afraid to admit I have them as I gave up my dream of being a girl a long time ago. We all have our quirks but that isn't a deception.
As for answering your other question... Concious awareness of the universe is the concious awareness of how God Most High works with you (me).
No you see, since i don't belong to any church organization except on legal documents, my belief system was not damaged, and therefore, If I believe in God, and I really do wear a tail in real life, Then that also means my faith in God is higher then even the fucking pope. In case you didn't notice, there's a song in blog that said "All we need is lightning, with power and might, striking down the prophet's of false, as the moon is rising, give us the sign, now let us rise up in awe"  Well, lightning struck the vatican Feb 11 2013, and if I recall, I posted that Princess Message Video Around November 19 or 20th or something. So when lightning struck the vatican I put my tail on as a seal with God Most High, and since God's covenant the first time was the rainbow, Celestia and Luna saw fit that a rainbow tail be the new covenant. But how they did that wasn't a voice in my head pony. I get a picture in my head that I know I conciously did not create on my own. And I'm pretty good at mental control. At any rate, God uses the universe to show and help me for I am a true man of God and faith. That is why no one mocks my tail when I'm out in public. For the power of God Most High  will not let them. and I have the ELements Of Harmony In Me. That's ELOHIM, that's ancient hebrew for... GOD. Now, if I get the scripture from the episodes of My Little Pony - FiM... then what does that tell you....
Not only that, the Power of Prophecy is also the Power of.... GOD
So you might say that i have a direct line to Celestia herself so that would be why I can still reply to you. Because that is the Power of GOD MOST HIGH and God below working together becuase My real last name also happenes to be CHRISTIE, which is for CHRIST IN ELOHIM, and therefore, Christ In God. So if you need a CIG, I casually sit here and smoke one as well, because I can't help but be me. And that would be God in the flesh. Now you lame parlor tricks don't fool me, don't fool Celestia, becuase if I can reply to this when you don't want me to pony that means that God most high and Christ your God below aren't interested in your fucking shit!
So if you think you can mess with God's Twilight Sparkle here pony.... guess again.... Most High is obviously watching you...."

As you can see, this guy is completely gone.  He totally had me on saying he was once a woman and now a man...holy shit, look at his bigotry too about cartoon horses trying me in some sort of holy crusade!

Oh, later after he got his ass to shut up by the Mods (LOL), he tried to make peace.  Yeah, well, I did tried to do the same, and told him not to talk to me anymore because he really crept me out, and then the idiot fucks up yet again:

"How it stands is I caught you fair and square. Simple as that. I'm not your enemy. If you don't want to talk that's fine by me. This is a public forum though. But I'm honest enough to at least say that I don't go around decieving people like that, so asking you why you are doing it is pretty fair in my book. Go your way. But I still know what you did. Who knows, maybe i'll see you face to face during my camPAIN and let bygones be bygones."

Oh God, why do I talk to these people!
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