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Spare Cash for Money and Food! Comissions!

So! I recently returned to Massachusetts, indefinetly, and acquired a Part Time job about a half hour from where I currently am residing. Fine and Dandy, except I am Dirt poor. the person who is graciously letting me leech off him, Frosty, is as said, letting me mooch off him for food when I'm here, but I barely have money for Gas or food that I could take in for lunch in order to not be working on an empty stomach.

So here's the deal. My first full paycheck I receive in two weeks. But as said, this is a Part time job. To offset some costs and add a bit of extra income until I either find a full time job or a second part time, I am advertising for commissions, and would appreciate if anyone would help in advertising. I'm cheap! And relatively quick turn around rate when Money is involved.

So, here's the deal!

For $5 or more, you get an inked drawing done in Illustrator! Examples include This and This.
For $10 or more, you get an inked and flat colored drawing with either no background or simple background. Examples include This.
For $12 Or More, You get an inked and flat colored drawing with moderately complex background, OR inked, flat colored, AND shaded drawing with no background or simple background. Examples include This and This
For $15 or more, you get an inked, flat colored and shaded image with non-shaded complex background. Examples include This.
For $20 or more, you get all of the above, but the background gets shaded as well and is complex! Examples include This.
For $30 or more, You get a Reference Sheet! Sadly no recent examples exist.

Want just a sketch? Note me. I only do sketches on paper but can work out a deal so you can have the physical copy.

What I will draw: ANYTHING! Yes, I will draw porn too. Blatant porn. Like we're talking titties and all that ass in your face porn. You request it and send money, I send it!Is there a catch? Well there's always a catch of course, but it's explained below!

What I will charge Extra $$$ for: 3+ characters, blatant vore, blatant scat/mess, Does not mean I will not draw them, but they are just stuff I don't entierly find enjoyable to think about. In the case of multiple characters, it's discussed based on how many.

What will this money go towards: Well that's a lengthy list.
-Car Repairs (Included but not limited to: New ball bearing, new Gascap, fixed driver side door, new tires, new legal registration, etc)
-other living expenses

Want multiple pictures? I'll do a discount! :D Note or email me for more info!

Expected turn-around time: 3 Days - 2 Weeks. Depends on complexity of artwork and ability for me to get the sketch done.

If you want a picture, email me at borderwalker1 at gmail dot com or note me on FA. I will edit this journal with a commissioner list, but there will be no limit as of right now.

And even if you can't afford art or don't want art, help spread the word at least! I like monies! And I like drawing!

Till then,
-Border Da Cougah
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