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Peculiar dream I had last night...


So, dreamt that I was going back to one of my Security guard gigs that I used to do many years ago, even though it was in a place I know I never worked in before, but pretty sure it was in the same place where I lived.  One of the guys that was my superior there told me it was revamped, and instead of just having a portapotty and virtually no place to actually eat inside the thing, now it had this breakroom somewhere complete with bathrooms, and microwaves along with a dispenser that you could get things like cookies without paying for it, and even a free soda fountain.  While I was explaining my excitement at how sweet was coming back to work, he was opening a gate to let some old women slowly exit the place, telling me it had a hidden spike on the floor in case someone tried to break in and could get zapped in the process.  We went back to said breakroom and I told him with joy about the fact that I wasn't using a walking cane (which is true, I bought one in a thrift store due to my left foot), my heel wasn't bothering me as much as to walk using one anymore.  I went back to get me something to eat on and opened a cabinet, where there were rows of muffins as well.  I recollected that grey pony who everyone likes in a scene exclaiming excitedly about said pastry and then I realized something all along after I woke up.

One thing was that my superior was one of the police officers working at the College I am currently enrolled into, and he looked just the same, by that I meant human complete with the same uniform and even using a sygway while we were chatting.

The other was that I was a pony.  Not just any one either, my own character I happened to create who is a Shadowbolt, but placed as one of the jobs I had a long time ago.  In fact, there were ponies everywhere else, and a dream before this one which connected to it, but I can't remember what it was about, all I can recall was that when I was called back from being disabled (which sadly I am still in reality), because there was also a complaint that I could not invite another, by that I mean another pony, in the premises and had lunch.  This from a very agreeable and turned pegasus Big Mac of all things.

Said place where in the dream I supposed to be working was an electric plant going inside an alley in the woods, and the strangest thing that no one else being human even noticed that I was not walking in two legs much less one of them in said dream.

If anything the other weird dream I recall having years ago was that I was kicking the living hell out of any other bad guy in a street, only to find out in a mirror's reflection that I was dressed as the White Ranger.
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Added: 5 years, 8 months ago
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