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Master's Pet and is anyone up for an interesting challenge?

Ok, I am going to address the 2nd part of the journal header first as the 1st part will be quite lengthy...

I have a male Albino Snow Leopard who goes by the name of Jheremey who as of right now does not have an official pic. I am outright asking for someone who would be willing to get a good pic of the Snowmew done for me at no charge.

And here is Jheremey's written bios...

Jheremey Merffeild:

Jheremey is a gay male who is an albino snow leopard, he does dye his fur different colors as his mood dictates (you can say that he has a coat of many colors). He is one of Ainoko's on and off lovers. Jheremey is about 5'11 - 6'1, flamboyantly gay, stocky, enjoys cross dressing and performing on nights that he isn't working at the slave pens. He does what he can to give the impression that he is cute, cuddly and harmless, hiding that he is a rough and tumble guy. His build would be like a male today who is 6' tall with a 44" waist, with his fluffy fur adding another 2-4 inches, giving him the appearance of being fat and lazy.

If anyone does this for me, I will be forever grateful. Many, many, many thanks in advance.

Now to address Master's Pet...

Ok, I have notes drawn up for one of the chapters in my book "Master's Pet" that will go into detail over a major event in Ainoko's life, an event that is critical in shaping him for his future role in life. The title of the chapter is called "A Taste of Slavery" and chronicles Ainoko's first taste of slavery when was still a cub at the tender age of 8. In this chapter Ainoko lashes out at another cub in his tribe after being teased about him not having a father or mother, even though everyone in his adopted tribe knows that his mother died after giving birth to him, and his father was found dead months after the two joined the tribe (2 or 3 years after Ainoko was born).

Ainoko flees the safety of his tribe afraid to face the consequences for unsheathing his claws and slashing the offending cubs face. Not long after he has left his tribes protection he is captured by a rogue wolf tribe that roams the wilderness snatching cubs from various tribes and forced into slavery. For the 1 - 2 years that he is a slave for the tribe, he quickly learns what his eventual fate will be when his captors eventually tire of him. He has witnessed many a young cub get brutally raped by every member of the rogue wolf tribe (male and female alike), before the cub is killed and eaten, their bones picked clean and discarded afterwards.

It is about 18-20 months after his capture and enslavement that he learns that he will soon suffer the same fate of the cubs before him. Upon hearing that, he does anything he can think of to postpone his date with death. He succeeds for a couple more months before hearing that sometime in the next few days, he will die. Upon hearing that, he manages to flee the tribe, running as fast as he can towards some caves he saw days earlier. He somehow manages to avoid getting recaptured by the wolf tribe and to the caves where he hides praying to the gods for help unaware that the wolves are a few hours behind him and hot on his trail.

He doesn't learn that he is trapped in the cave he is in until the Alpha of the wolf enters followed by the rest of the tribe and narrowly recapturing him. He somehow manages to avoid recapture, fleeing deeper into the cave before getting cornered by the Alpha wolf. Unbeknownst to everyone the cave is filled with raw iron ore. It is when the Alpha grabs Ainoko, ripping the rags off his body that something extraordinary happens.

In his fear, Ainoko unleashes his latent powers, instantly wiping out a large portion of the wolf tribe and seriously injuring the rest. Unfortunately with Ainoko being so young, he is unable to control his powers, resulting in not only wiping out most of the tribe, but wiping out most of his memories from his captivity due to the iron ore in the cave amplifying his powers 10 fold.

It is after he is reunited with his tribe that he starts becoming the tribes omega, finding that he enjoys that role in his tribe, something that he also finds disturbing and does everything he can to dispel those thoughts and dispelling the suspicions of his of his tribe.

The sound from the explosion in the cave could be heard for miles around, including by those from his tribe that has been searching for him ever since it was discovered that he was captured after leaving the tribe's protection.

What happens in this chapter is Ainoko's first of three times as a slave, it is also the first time that he confronts something that he is not prepared to face.

Any thoughts on what can happen to him during his period as a slave (other than the sex that will not be happening).

Here is the first two parts of "Master's Pet"

"Master's Pet" -  https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=184399

And this is the image that is the inspiration for "A Taste of Slavery"


any input would be greatly appreciated here.
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