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Hi, there. This journal contains things on a variety of topics. So, skip over paragraphs whose first sentence don't appeal to you. Or skip if entirely if you just don't give a ****

First off, I am now officially a Catholic. On Saturday, I was confirmed in to the Catholic faith under the name of St. Cecilia. I feel at peace, truly at one with my triune God. I love Him, and I am ready to proclaim the Gospel wherever I go. I won't be all like: "Read the Gospel!!!" Not much will change, except I'll make more of an effort to proclaim the Gospel wherever I go, to live by it. My internet activities won't change any time soon, though ^^; But, I'll try to live a more Catholic life. So... Yeah...

Next, my brother said something I cannot believe ANYONE could say EVER about the Westboro Baptist Church. That the Westboro Baptist Church is much better than the Catholic church, that it is good and Catholics are evil. ... WTF?! That kid REALLY needs a grip on reality. And, some spiritual help. So, I'm asking EVERYONE who reads this paragraph to pray to whatever god you pray to, be it God, Allah, Yahweh, Zeus, Unkulunkulu, or whoever. I don't care what religion he ends up as. As long as it preaches good morals ^^;

Thirdly, commissions are going to remain open whereas point commissions will close soon. So, if you want a point commission, claim one before June. Cause after that, I'm only going to accept money commissions. Cause, well... Money is what I need more urgently than points ^^;

Fourthly, I love my Puerto Rican family, and not so much my step-family. My grandparents have come from Puerto Rico along with my cousin. We're having fun, when we're together. But my stepdad is going out of his way to make these couple weeks they're here horrible. But, I'm not letting him get to me.

Fifthly, college stuffs is coming quickly. As you may or may not know, I'm going to be starting college officially in September. Just saying. So, I'll be VERY busy come August. June and July will be my last two months of care free relaxation.

Lastly, Equestria Girls. I just... Don't know why it exists ><! But, my brother wants me to take him. The same brother who said the WBC was better than the Catholics. But, I don't wanna be the bad guy to him, so I'm wondering if I should take him... Since his birthday is the day after it comes out, and he wants to see it, that could be his irthday present. But, he's currently a jerk to me, my mom, and my sister. Should I still do it?

Well, that's all. Just, talk to ya all laters XP Byee.

P.S.: I need some way to cover my left arm as the weather warms up, for those of you who remember ^^;
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6 years ago
congratulations on your confirmation
6 years ago
Thanks ^^
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