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Commercial Rant

I have a few complaints that I would like to type out just so I don't smash my TV. Warning: This Journal is mostly complaints about things that i find are dumb or unrealistic, if you don't want to read about it, stop reading here. Okay to start off the rant i would like to say, i know i am making a lot of grammar errors but i do not care right now. I have been watching TV recently like every other red blooded American and i have noticed some commercials mostly because of the way that they are 10 times louder than the show or movie you are watching. I have hearing problems because i always listen to my music too loud and i love every minute of it. It's hard to listen to Five Finger Death Punch quietly. Anyway i have the TV set to a volume level that i can clearly hear what the people are saying and i can hear all of the sound effects of the show. Everything is fine and freaking dandy until the commercials sneak up on you and blast your speakers with their cheesy lines about how you need their product. I used to live in an apartment and the walls were paper thin. I had the TV low    
enough that the neighbors couldn't hear it but loud enough that I could hear it. I am sitting there watching and then out of nowhere a wild commercial appears and starts playing 10 times louder than it should be. I started searching for the remote and couldn't find it. Then all of a sudden i hear knocking on the wall and hear my neighbor yelling for me to turn it down. I ran over to the TV and shut it off and looked for the remote. When i found it, i turned the TV back on and found that it was still in the commercials and loud as fuck. I start to turn it down but i my neighbor starts knocking and yelling again. That neighbor reported me to the landlord and he gave me a warning about noise in the apartments. I later moved into a house that was for rent. I like living here but i still am annoyed by the loudness. Another topic that bothers the shit out of me is the unrealism of the commercials on TV. I bought the Video game Bioshock Infinite and, don't get me wrong, it's a great game but the commercial is a lie. I watched the commercial and saw how epic and cool it looked and bought the game. I noticed that in the end of the commercial, Booker Dewitt shoots the Handyman in the chest with a shotgun once and it kills him. I thought i could do the same thing. I got a shotgun in the game and found a handyman. I waited for him to run at me and then i shot him point blank in the chest. All it did was piss him off and he proceded to kill me. I felt lied to and like a complete idiot for believing that it could be that easy. BTW PS3 ALL THE WAY!!!! Finally i hate how all commercials have to involve some sexual inuendo that causes awkwardness if you are watching with family. I mean honestly i was watching TV with my younger cousin a long time ago and all of a sudden a commercial for Viagra shows up with "Smiling Bob" driving a racecar. My cousin asked why Bob was smiling and i had to lie and tell him that he was happy to be driving a racecar. Commercials are so fucking stupid sometimes. I wish that they were 5 seconds long. Enough time to tell me product, price and info, then they can get the fuck off of my TV.                There I have finished my rant. It was mostly for personal venting. If you have read this far and feel the same about anything feel free to leave a comment. No negative comments please. I Thank You if you have read this far for listening.
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