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Which gen. pokemon anime is the worst?

Well I was looking around the web and I see the people are saying that the show when downhill in the 4th gen. but I heard people dispised  the 5th gen anime AKA Best wishes but I did heard that halfway in (around thetime I think when Black and white 2 was released) that the show got better.

And so Oshawott (I'll stop calling him Douchewott for a bit) Now can't seem to get a girlfriend. Thanks show you made me feel sorry for someone that was being a douche to Pikachu in the early episodes.

So people what gen. in the pokemon anime is consedderd the worst and why? I don't know if the 6th one will get worst only time can tell. and you can also tell me the worst episodes and why. And please don't use the, "This show was doomed from the start" Exuce because people has no back up or logic why.

oh and here's a form I founded http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?569536-Wor...
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*chuckles* well this one is diffent I am talking about ALL gen. this time not just 5th gem.
6 years ago
Heh Ok then~ |=(;3

It's hard to say.
Even in Indigo-Orange, a couple of repetitive jokes (likes Brock's weakness for women) are getting a bit weak.
However, the repetive actions like
- Brock's lovely-dovey thing
- The expectable plot of each episode ( Ash & co. find problem, Ash & co discovered cause of problem (mostly Team Rocket), Team Rocket gets beaten and blasts off, problem solved  or Ash challenges Gym Leader / other trainer. Gym Leader wins. Ash wins when he challenges the Gym Leader / other trainer for the second time).
pioneered in the center of Jotho, Hoenn and Sinnoh.

Also the introduction of Pokémon (Super) Contests didn't attract me as well, because the approach of them in the anime is very different than in the game.  
The anime could give you hints and insights of how to defeat a gym leader in the games. It doesn't for contests, because you couldn't 'train' your Pokémon for contests except feeding them Pokéblocks and goof out a well strategy of attacks to do after doing the contests over and over again.

So yeah, when you sum it all up, Hoenn and Sinnoh are the worst generations IMHO |=(:P
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