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Love Hina- Anime Review

Love Hina

Anime Review




Ken Akamatsu has been known for the tremendous success that Love Hina brought to Anime fans almost overnight, marking it as something many would try to tell others to watch and have it as an Anime no fan should be without.  Some however have found these series to be tiresome and too obvious for having a one track set of the Harem ideal, with little to show for it in any other angle than sheer fanservice with a repetitive formula.  Said repetition has been apparent as other series by Akamatsu seem to be simply clones of Love HIna itself, incliding Negima(!) and A.I. Love U.  Despite of such, it seems fans still like Akamatsu's non creative projects just the same if not praising it even more.

Keitaro Urashima is a College student, and a very nerdy one at that.  He goes on to find a childhood female friend he made a promise when they were kids, which is of entering Tokyo University togheter.  As it turns out he has forgotten the name of said girl and hopes to find her in said University.  Of course as luck may have it, he fails entering T.U. and is set to live at his grandmother's hotel.  And what do you know, he finds out it has been converted into a female-only apartment complex.  Well, that is really convienient for a Harem series if I should say so myself.  It is also stated that he was given said building the title by his grandmother, making him the new owner of said girls-dorm which happens to be called Hinata House.

He meets Naru Narusegawa, who is also a hopeful to enter Tokyo University.  Keitaro then assumes she may be the girl whom he made the promise years ago and is shocked to learn this is not the case as she denies such when asks her.  After failing said entry exams, they go back to live a normal life inside the building along with other cast members who happen to be all female of various ages.  From here on Keitaro gets into a series of events that pass as humorous as he keeps being beaten by Naru at any other given time he catches her in a convienent scene where she is most likely in the nude, or in an embarasement situation of sexual innuendo.  Other female characters also try to approach him or try to set them both togheter, while the children of the group often treat him with the monker of the "Big Brother" title, something very common in current Anime of this kind.

That is as good as it gets actually, since most episodes are nothing more than the same exact plot within its chapter on the anime series, and little else truly happens.  Naru's temperamental attitude really gets annoying for her reacting to a masochistic behavior towards Keitaro, even if he is indeed the person who owns the building she happens to live in.  Keitaro himself is a mirrored version of Tenchi, without the means of being able to fight aliens or anyone who tries to harm his loved ones.  In compensation, Keitaro is set as a 20 something male who cares not much in getting to the pants of every girl avialable within reach in his building he happens to know, but to be as sweet, caring, and understanding as he coul;d possibly be, despite the fact that this could actually be shown as something a man of his age might have a problem not wanting to get laid.

Although Love Hina has some nice comedic qualities in it, the fact is that it is too repitive and said humor can only be understood by the kind of mentality that teenage boys have while reading Maxim Magazine.  Panties flash, nude scenes in showers, nose bleeds which could drain the body of any male within seconds, and the main male character who is swoon by all female characters and always been seen as the most kind of men among an entire city they live in.  If this sound preposerous, is because it is.  Love Hina launched the harem formula to a new level of superficial hype, one which is completely cliche and tiresome to watch.  

For some reason I just coud not watch an entire episode without rolling my eyes at the cotext and the characters within it.  I cannot believe the fact that a kid could set a promise to a random girl without knowing WHY he made such promise or what said girl meant for him in order to commit something like entering an University togheter.  To me that is pretty much canon fodder to start off a series where your screen will quickly be filled with teenaged libido innunendo and countless nose bleeds which will be splashing all over in any other scene.  This forced comedic formula simply does not add in making Love Hina a series where you could hope to find originality within its content.  Perhaps younger fans will be amused by the raunchy content, but for the rest of us that treat a girl having an upskirt to show us a different pair of panties will be seen as...well, something younger fans will only go for to be honest in every other episode.

Maybe this is what some consider the right formula to have in an Anime.  I beg to differ.

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