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This little furfag drama queen...

Named "moonstonewind"

It baffles me that I have given this person a second chance after she tossed me like  a used toy ending our so called friendship years ago, an event that happened even in here, Livejournal before facebook and twitter came about. I was fooled to believe when she said she has changed and always saw people more in depth than what she did before.


 She is of course, an avid furry who always goes to cons and even has two or three guys living with her along with her husband because she thinks they are all a pack of sorts.  I would not like to know how the rest of those people are like now that I've seen enough of this person in my life.

The last that caused such nonsense from her to the point she even went on telling the police in that backwater town where she lives to constantly call me on the phone was that I confronted her after she kept keeping delays on a couple of those mlp customs I commisioned her for (I paid 50 dollars. 50 DOLLARS for her to work on something like that).  I already had paid her in full and she has never even updated anything on her work for weeks, even when I was asking her about it, she kept ignoring me.

Obviously, I confronted her and stated if I was not going to get said work, then I would demand a refund in full.  She then went on into this victim state and we started arguing, being that I do have a horrid temper which does not help since she already had me in a bad mood to begin with, I did typed some pretty heavy stuff until she already agreed on sending me those things when they were done.  Now I did apologized and tried my best to let her know she was already being the same person she was when she betrayed me that time, but of course she is a saint, never exactly admitted what she did to begin with, even stating that she had "forgot".

Likely story.

Then she posted in a Livejournal like community elsewhere (amptly titled artists beware) all my info and my accounts, and her lies about me "harassing" her, only screencaptioning MY side of the things we were arguing, but not her part when she was being an asshole to begin with.  I already screencapped it and saved it for reference.

In any case I am currently deciding to change my phone number so the chief wiggums from that little town don't bother me anymore.  I did call them and stated my side of the story to them and the fact she made up shit about me typing to her on twitter, but they still are calling.

Nothing they can do to be honest.  They don't even have proof of me ever doing anything against the law on telling this person to get the hell out of my life completely.  Wasn't against the law last I checked.
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Added: 5 years, 9 months ago
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