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Xbox One

So that's the new console. In truth. I don't have anywhere NEAR as many complaints as people seem to about it. But that's because, and please, feel free to argue, but the outspoken buncha gamers are the most complainy, self-entitled, over opinionated people on the planet.

First thing I saw was the desgin. In all honesty...I'm not bothered by it. It has the whole horizontal design which is nice, but tha'ts minor. I love the minimalist design. I mean, the console ain't just about the box, but everything inside, and there's a whole lot of that, too. I don't have too much to say on that angle.

The controller just..looks better. It's a step up from the already-simple 360 controller. But they added in the one thing that was a giant 'DUH' from the start. A d-pad that isn't a pain to use. Simliar to the 'pro' controllers that cost 60 right now, the Xbox One controller is just naturally good for D-pad use.

The integration of Skype and voice commands was pretty nifty, too. I mean, it is a bit extra...unneeded bells and whistles to do the whole "Xbox, On" and have the voice recognition turn the system on and pull you and your gamertag up. Cool, but seems a bit much. The whole system is voice commanded now though. The Picture in Picture thing, or "Xbox Snap" was pretty neat though. So you can, insttead of having to pull your laptop out to look at something in case you're stuck in a game, you can just say "Xbox, Snap Youtube" and bam, there you go. It'll pop up beside your game. Tell it what you want and it'll pop up the video for you. And of course, having Skype on the system is pretty neat although details...I don't think I need to go into it, because it's still just Skype. Does give the neat possibility to video chat while gaming though.

They also integrated a DVR system into the Xbox so you can record your greatness whenever you feel it should be recorded. I thought that pretty cool. So not only will you have your beat one shot from across the map, but you can keep that moment and cherish it forever. Because we can end that whole "pics or it didn't happen" song and dance.

Although it doesn't have as much to do with Xbox as it did 343 Industries, they announced that Speilberg is on board with making a live action Halo TV series. I have no problems with this. Their animated works have all been great and Speilberg himself is a legend. So...let's see where that goes.

Oh, and onto the complaining I was talking about. I'm already hearing of people being bothered at the console design, bothered at the Kinect that comes with it, and all that other stuff. Those aren't even that big of a deal. Kinect...there's a possibility it'll want some games to go along with it, but we vote with our pockets. If they start pumping out games that make it mandatory, tell them no and don't buy it and practices will change. That easy.

The other side of the coin I'm starting to grow extremely weary of, is how people are still touting that the PC will be able to always to better than any console no matter what. That's getting old to me. Simply because not everybody can have an awesome gaming rig with 16GB Ram and all that crap. (I know its an exaggeration but my point stands). I love Steam, and I do enjoy PC Gaming and the like, but I'm tired of being dogged/laughed at because I enjoy both worlds.


Onto my complaints...of which I don't have many. The only real one I see thus far is how it's disuading using used games, by making installations mandatory.
Details are in the link.

And I don't like it becuase I can't always afford to buy brand new games. I'm a used-games dude. I buy 'em used because that's what's most affordable and cost effective. But that's a personal issue. I'm sure it's bigger than what I'm making it out to be though.

And lastly...that they used EA as their first 3rd party business to present anything. Madden and Fifa look no different. At all. They don't change even across generations. Graphics get a slight bump...but it's all the same. And why pick EA, when they do nothing but piss off gamers everywhere, all the time? I don't get it. I know they did a lot of work, but try to bring out the appeal companies first like 343 and Remedy first, since Alan Wake was beloved by gamers everywhere. But again, that's a minor thing from my take.


All in all, I like the new console. It has some issues but what console doesn't?  Gotta love something for what it was and don't expect perfection out of everything. It looks nice, feels nice, feels smooth, and I can't wait to own one 5 or 6 years from now. XD
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Added: 6 years, 1 month ago
6 years, 1 month ago
It's not a games console, it's a microsoft labeled skybox which will play games. Plain and simple.
6 years, 1 month ago
Why you no talk to me anymore?
6 years, 1 month ago
I don't really have any issues with its design. I think the big hit against them is the used game fee, people buy used games cause it's cheaper, not because they want to pay an extra fee on top of that. And guaranteed people are going to go out, buy a game, install it on their Xbox One's and then go and pawn it, some cash in pocket and you can still play the game. So it seems like they're trying to force people into buying the games new.

Aside from that, the Kinect was funny. Cause of how they showcased it in the video made me think of the day when people start reporting that their Xbox's are saying "I can't let you do that Steve.". So yeah, nothing against the console, just they are kinda dicking themselves over with the used game fee. It'll kill a LOT of sales for them.

I am one of the people that enjoy PC gaming, but I also enjoy consoles, at least the older ones. PS3 and Xbox 360 aren't that bad, but this new Gen, seems a bit more money hungry. So at least PC allows you to play ANY older PC game, as well as most new ones on lower graphics if you have a semi-decent rig, which most people do have now adays. Hardware wise, PC will ALWAYS be superior to consoles with the latest parts, but cost wise, Consoles beat it hand down. So it really depends on cost efficiency against hardware.
6 years, 1 month ago
I honestly see Sony following suit with charging a fee for used games via the PS4. It's no coincidence that EA has decided to remove online pass, and then refuse to support the WiiU, which does not have such a feature.
6 years, 1 month ago
The thing I mostly wonder about with both the PS4 and Xbox One is what will happen to the game rental market... both systems have revealed methods of preventing sharing discs at this point... is this basically a gimmick to try and sink game rental shops? (something most video game companies have wanted since the NES)?
6 years, 1 month ago
I was watching the reveal live with a few friends. We liked it. Was a shame they just stopped it tho. And suck we have to wait till E3 till we find out more about it but over all. I like it. I wonder how much it will go for. I say $399-499 Aus.
6 years, 1 month ago
I like the design, it doesn't need to sit on its side as a primary setup.  I never really liked that design, because I was afraid the discs would fall into the machine.  Also I like the idea of DVR so everyone can see your big win or big fail.

What I don't like is all this crap.  Skype, voice control, not backward comparable, no game sharing (which is important for second hand gamers like you and me), all that hard drive space (I won't need so much since I don't play many games) etc..  All this and still Live isn't free.  I'll stick with my old systems, and if I can't, I'll have a friend hack a new one for me so that it fits what a true gamer needs.

Of course this is all my opinion and all, not a bigtime Sony fanboy but I prefer Sony.
6 years, 1 month ago
It's not that PC are better than consoles, it's just that consoles are bad for everyone except the hardware company(s) that's selling it/them. Customers have no choice when or if they get to update their system (like when Sony updated the PS3 and removed Linux support which caused the military trouble for their PS3 server farms), it's mandatory regardless of what the customer wants. They have no choice where they get their content. And once purchased you're sorta 'locked-in', there is no competition to keep the prices low so the hardware company can raise prices on you for services (like when Microsoft bumped XBL subscription from $50 to $60 because they wanted to). And, if you disagree with any changes, your only choice is to stop using the product.

Adding fuel to the fire; People who pay for the hardware do not actually own the hardware they're simply leasing it. They are paying for the privilege to use the hardware because if you modify your system you can have your account banned, barring you from playing games online, which is a huge thing for a lot of people. The one major advantage to console gaming over PC gaming was the ability to play used games (something that was taken away from PC gamers long ago), or even simply play a borrowed game from a friend. The saving grace for PC gamers is that PC games tend to be less expensive than console games in general, plus it's generally easy to find PC games on sale through Steam or any number of digital distribution sources. Single-user games should cost less, that's only fair because you're getting far less use out of the game than you would otherwise. Imagine if car companies wouldn't allow you to let your friend borrow your car, or disallowed you from reselling your car when you wanted. And requiring a fee to play used games = "double dipping" which should be illegal imo.

Console games are not good for the gaming industry anymore. Yes, they had a purpose, they served that purpose, but much like the ending of newspapers and other printed media the usefulness of consoles is ending and now it's just companies trying to prolong their demise. The gaming industry as a whole would be far better off having a unified gaming platform so development costs go down as well as hardware costs. Devs only need to learn one architecture so they can master it (better games for less), supply & demand kicks in for hardware (producing higher quantities = lower costs), and no one would get excluded from 'exclusives' simply because they can't afford to buy 2-3 other systems.

Anyways, I'll stop here before this gets too long. X3
6 years, 1 month ago
Oh no. Sho, that was one of my hidden 'objectives' of this journal. I wanted you to come out and say something. I AIMED for that, in a way. Also my opinions were wrong now that I've let Xbox One soak into my system. In truth. I'm heavily disappointed. And I need someone to give me reason to want to get into PC gaming one day. (not like I hadn't already intended eventually), so please, do keep going. I love hearing you talk about this stuff.
6 years, 1 month ago
6 years, 1 month ago
I was VERY impressed with the new system. I expect there to be hitches in the full release and utilization of the system. I would be shocked if it came out perfect. But still, I plan to get it upon release. I have even started saving after having seen the conference in the Live Event Player last night.
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