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Falling in

Hi eveyy bunny

I know I haven't been the most active bunny in fact I'm probably a bit of a bastard by now.

I can't even say there is good cause fore my silence

There is work stuff of course and the two hour drive added to my work day is not helping at all.  Plus every day is some new freaking crisis.  Lately its a scammer. Of all the agents on the floor I've talked to her most.   And then today faux news came on and said (this company) is evil they are selling your boss documents telling him the type of cold medicine you use....  So on a day when half our system was down so we could only pretend to work ( later once it's back we can panic to get everything recorded and hope we don't get it comfused). We have to deal with a couple hundred calls from old farts saying "the magical man in the glowy box said you an evil bastard what will sell my address to black people so they can break into my house and steal my dentures.   So I won't belive you when you tell me the any thing at all,  you're not real just a voice on the phone.  By the way could you delete my name for me let me blindly belive that a company so evil it would sell my tampon size over the Internet would really delete all my data just cause I say so"

Wow that kinda got a way from me there


I plan to be back writing with in the week.... Hopefully more sane then I am at this moment

Hmmmm fallout themed cub sex.... Super mutant on ghoul action....   No wait a cub wanders out of a vault raised and raped by a pack of wild deathclaws, now a teen looking to start his own pack cums across a slave caravan full of starving little boys.   After killing the gaurds he feeds his new pack establishing domonece in many ways.....

My brain is a weird place maybe I should just go now
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Added: 6 years, 2 months ago
6 years, 2 months ago
Awrrr, sorry everything is fucking insane for you (kinda dreading when I finally get a job, if the places near me actually fucking decide to hire me...not my god damn fault I have no work experience. If you hire me, then I'll have FUCKING WORK EXPERIENCE!...gotta love that little paradox)

But yeah.. a fallout style story would be awesome ^w^, would love to see how you do that sometime ^^
6 years, 1 month ago
Yarg, sorry to hear that. Faux news is indeed a institution of basterds, they also give a bad name to foxes everywhere.

The fallout story sounds crazy awesome! I can't wait to see that! Will you be asking for fursonas again or will it be custom characters?

6 years, 1 month ago
hehe should take a break and do one of the xcom bits :3 those were pretty entertainning
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