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Ok, no more black list for now(edit due interesting turn of events)


Black list ( only to artists who sells artwork )
We should create a list of people banned from buying.. or something like that, there are many reasons for not selling artwork to some specific people, like those who buy your stuff to upload in a hate board. People who act like they are your friend, dare to give you even suggestions/advices.. and then when they are anonymous, stabs a knife in your back

i'm going start with:

* real name removed *

Damn.. jeez, >_> the guy just called me... i guess.. i forgive him >_<

Guys.. some of my works are specially marked, and i warned them about this,  so is not hard for me to identify who posted my work, the thing is always, what should i do later?.. i posted only his name (i bet he is not the only guy named like that), but i have all his personal information... but i don't wish to make a big harm, i only want to teach him a small lesson,  certanlly didn't expected an international  phone call of the guy almost crying me about how he regret what he did...  i can't undone what he did, so there's no point to attack him i guess... still it piss me off,  people believe becouse they are anonymous they can do anything....  i hope this serve as a lesson.
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