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So! Here's the deal.

My book, Journey to Fire's Keep, has been available since June 2010. In the time since, while I have been writing the sequel, the book has received exactly three reviews, only one of which is on Amazon. (If you haven't seen the review yet, please go check it out! http://www.amazon.com/Journey-Fires-Return-Temple-eboo... All three reviews were largely positive, by the way; one reader enthusiastically awaits the next chapter, and of the other two, one was the above review, and the other is pretty similar to the above review.) This is problematic, largely because, while trying to motivate myself to write more, such a turnout is somewhat disappointing.

That's where I had my idea, and that's where you come in!

See, if you're following me here, you likely know that I also write furry erotica. You also might be aware that lately, my stories in that vein have involved a large / increasing number of characters.

This is my proposal: Leave a review of my book, Journey to Fire's Keep, on Amazon, and your character of choice will appear in an upcoming fap piece, also of your choice. :D

"But Baphi, not only have I never read your book, I don't own a copy!" Got you covered in one of three ways:

1. Buy it on Amazon! Use the link above for the Kindle ebook, or this one --- http://www.amazon.com/Journey-Fires-Keep-Return-Temple... --- if you'd rather have it in paperback. Kindle is by far the easiest and quickest method.

2. Buy it from me directly! I still have a few copies in paperback for which I will charge Amazon's $15.59, plus shipping to your location. (If there is enough interest in this, I will order more copies, so don't be afraid to ask!) Alternately, I can also sell you a PDF for the same price as the Amazon Kindle version; just get in touch with me and we can work out the details. If you purchase the paperback from me, the copy will be signed, include a bookmark, and I will personalize a message if you'd like.

3. Find me next week! I will be in the Cincinnati area May 22 through the 28, and will be making a point to have a copy of the book on my person at all times. If you happen to spot me and mention wanting my book, I will give you a copy, in paperback, signed, at no charge. Once all those copies are gone though, that's it! If you don't know what I look like, check those Amazon links; my author page has a photo of myself.

Keep in mind if you haven't read this book yet: It is not even remotely furry, and contains no hint of sex aside from the characters having to have originated from somewhere. Later installments to this series will include more vulgar acts; however, these will not be explicitly described as they might be in the smut I regularly post on SF and IB. The story is high fantasy material, the "Swords and Sorcery" subgenre. If that sort of thing doesn't interest you, then you probably won't like this book all that much. Just sayin'.

RULES! Because where would we be without those?

1. The review must be honest. While I naturally appreciate ass-kissing, it will be painfully obvious to me if you're just saying something complementary without having read the book. I am far, far happier with a three-star review that goes into detail as to why it was given, than a five-star review along the lines of "Fantastic! Read it!" (Naturally though, if you feel it deserves a five-star review, I'm not going to turn it down! Just so long as you're honest.)

2. There is to be NO MENTION of this proposal in the review. Note me here, email me, message me, whatever, to let me know that the review was from you, and we can discuss details then; however, if you mention this in your review, your entry is null and void. This rule has everything to do with the fact that these reviews are very likely to be read by individuals close to me to whom I'd rather not broadcast the fact that I also write smut. :P

3. Once you've written the review and posted it to Amazon, let me know! Quickest way to do this is via email. I use Gmail with this same username. However, any means of communication is acceptable. :3

4. Once you're on the list, discussion of character, scenario, etc. will commence. I will require a character description (references are a plus!), what series in which you'd like the character to appear, and what sort of scenario the character should be in. I'm obviously not going to take any sort of "Mary-Sue" scenario; for example, if you want the character to appear in "Soiled", the character is not immune, the cure, or going to attack the other characters in any way with the intention of actually stopping things; however, they might be a reporter, a cop (who might attack other characters with the "intention" of stopping things, but without being successful), some random passerby, etc.

5. All genders welcome in any story setting, except in the one case of the "Messy Boy" series; due to the construction of that world, only male characters can be included there (though your character could have once been female, or something along those lines).

6. Orientation of sexual encounters is dependent on the story setting. While I have no problem writing straight, gay, bi, pan-, a-, etc. scenes (and will listen to whatever sort of scenario you might have in mind with open ears), some of these couplings would not fit certain story worlds. "Soiled" for example, your character could start with whatever orientation, but they will invariably become homosexual excepting intersex characters, which will again require discussion. "Messy Boy", again, you may have started with another orientation, but in the context of the story's time frame, your character will be gay. "The Mushroomed Kingdom" has multiple options, as do most other series. Please keep this in mind when thinking up how you want your character used.

7. If you can't come up with a scenario, choose what series you want the character in and I'll provide the context. If you don't have a preference on story series, let me know and I will gladly use your character wherever. :3

8. This is not limited to story series I've posted! There are quite a few stories I'm presently working on that have no relevant posted material, and could always put characters there. Scenes in a spa or an office environment; characters specifically who are Pokemon; or even just standalone incidents, all are potential possibilities in which your character could be used. If you're curious about a scene that wouldn't fit in what I've uploaded, ask! I may just have the perfect fit.

9. I am not imposing a time limit on this. If, in five years, you read the book, give it a review, and remember this proposal, please contact me and let me know! Same goes for future novels, in this series and others I'm presently writing. (One of which is at least mildly furry!)

10. While I am not imposing a time limit on posting a review, I do want to make the process first-come, first-served (first-come ;3 ). That having been said, while I will push myself to finish more smut in this manner as well, if you feel I've neglected your input, please let me know. Don't expect turnaround within a week; however, if a month's gone by and I've not said or posted anything, please give me a reminder. While I will be keeping a list, it's entirely possible I've forgotten or neglected you. It's also possible I'm working on another obligation. In any case, I will at least respond with an explanation, even if it's "Oh shit, sorry, I totally flaked."

There are a few individuals who are already on my list, from commissions and such; you should know who you are. :P

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
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