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My Week at the Mental Institute

My week at the Mental Institute

As some may know or even care, I spent a week inside an institute after I was severly depressed thanks to a bunch of maggots from school who thought life is just like an internet chatroom.  It became as such that I contenplated suicide and I was hospitalized and kept under observation making sure I didn't try anything.  I kept a log of everyday I kept inside, pondering if I ever would give society another chance on anything at all.

Day 1

Entered its all too familiar room which is nothing more than a warehouse where they put all looneys at first to see if they behave overnight.  Everything its at the open, a sea of beds from one to the other, where male and female patients are divided and not allowed to cross over at any time.  Nothing to do but to keep to oneself sleeping most of the time, eating, and watching anything they decide to put on.  There was some person that was presumed a guy, but it might've end up being a girl.  A dyke with a buzzcut no less.

Day 2

Got "upgraded" to a smaller room with a similar state of furniture.  A bunch of beds again dividing genders as to not letting them cross over.  Spent the evening watching the Knicks taking on the Celtics.

Day 3

Moved again, this time to a "friendlier" environment where you can have your own room shared with another looney having your own bed instead of being in the open.  Said guy claims he hates stupidity so he must hate himself greatly.  Watched a Cardinal outside the window, then the bird came flying straight at said window, crashing on it then flying away in hopes of hiding his dignity lost in a single day.  Blood pressure rose all of the sudden, started feeling like shit.

Day 4

Trying to get out of here.  Keeping it to myself completely while telling staff whenever they ask me anything that I won't harm myself nor had thoughts of suicide.  Ignoring the other looneys as much as I can as to not start anything, for it coud extend my stay in this hellhole.  Food is getting worse the more I eat it but am not complaining for the same reason.  Can't miss another school day, finals are next week.  Don't know if landlord received fax stating my absence from paying the rent on time.  Father must've visited my apartment already, but don't have his number so I cannot call him. Figured he must be worried for me not being around nor calling for days now.

Day 5

Watched The Lion King.  Remembered how much of a rip off Kimba the White Lion it is yet it has aged so well overtime.  I'm getting out today.  No damn way am I staying here another day.  Blood pressure has been back to normal somewhat.  Damn doctor finally discharged me.  Getting the fuck out and NEVER returning no matter what.
Took the stupid rail despite the fact DART threatened me to be arrested by its rentacops if I got on before serving my year long banning.  Didn't care.  Was the only way to get back since I had no money to hop on a cab and the buses don't come to Downtown much less where I live.  Fuck DART.  I am free now.  Willing to write a letter of complaint against assholes who put me here in the first place.  They will get theirs for making me live this nightmare.

And that has been it.  I am glad I did not missed the entire month of my life in a place where I could easily be forgotten thanks to some idiots at a community college.
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