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Shitwrecked Update: Name to possibly change?

The remaking of the first part of Shitwrecked is progressing smoothly. Sketches of two guest characters, TK and Tori have been drawn up.

You can view them here:
TK (tkdn10): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/27763148/TK.png
Tori (ToriRune): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/27763148/Tori.png
(More guest character sample sketches to come, keep eyes peeled!)

But there is one rather blatant obstacle, and I cannot figure out how it has eluded me this whole time, but I have for the few years planning this comic, called it "Shitwrecked", despite aimming to keep it G rated or PG-13 rated at the very most. (The scene of Spike throwing away a condom probably didn't help either).

I have thought of changing the title for the entire series to something else to befit the all-ages nature of the comic. The current title was merely intended as a pun for "Shipwrecked", which I now know has led some to believe it's intended for more mature audiences. Some even thought it was going to contain scat due to it's title.

In the past I'd also stated there would be no toilet humor whatsoever in this comic, but now I feel this would be betraying Draggyn's roots just to make the majority audience stfu.

To clear this up: There will be absolutely NO on-screen or graphical scat. Such elements are unnecessary in order for the characters to act naturally, however, there may be a little bit of scatological references, insinuations, and fart humor sprinkled in rare amounts through out the comic. They will be put where I feel they will contribute significantly to humor and won't be put there "just because" like many of my past short comics.

At any rate, it's highly likely the title for this entire comic will change in the coming days and I'll announce when this happens, if it happens.
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