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Stuff You Can Ignore. Random Journal de Vent

On Sunday, my sister received her first communion. She is on her way to a true Catholic faith. She even got invited to a Catholic elementary school for next year. And, that both makes me incredibly glad and very scared.

Happy because she's an incredibly great girl. She's smart, happy, able to remain sane in the house he lives in, versus me whose lost it slightly on a few occasions, and she's very spiritual. I could even say that, at the age of 8 (9 near the end of the month), she's a better Catholic than me and my mom. Also, as a Catholic, it's my duty to make sure my family grows up happy and Catholic.

However, I'm scared because she's kind of in an identity foreclosure, having accepted Catholicism from my mom without getting a true chance to explore all the religions out there. Now even though its my mission sort of to keep my family catholic, I must say: being catholic is only worth it if you know it's the best religion out there. Why I'm so strong in my religion is actually due to the years of lack of it in my family. When we weren't going to church, the only spirituality I found was in music. I had wandered through the worlds religions through its music. Learning of other Christian faiths, some Jewish an Islam as well, a few traditional African religions, Native American, and the like. It was through exploring my options that I found I was at home and at peace in my God and my Jesus.

So, if she goes to a catholic school, she could miss out on getting to learn of all the other options there are out there. And to learn of all the other things believe and decide if she wants to stay Catholic. I mean, I only knew I was ready to take on my catholic faith when my friends called me an idiot for being catholic, a hypocrite, insane, and even a cannibal (look up transubstantiation), and I still wanted to be one. I'm not saying I want people to insult my favorite sister. I'm just saying she needs to know what being a catholic means in this world: CONSTANT prosecution by other faiths and atheists.

Anyways... Mother's Day happened Sunday. It was a good time, because after going to NY on Saturday, I bought my sister and mom a gift for Mother's Day. Though, as we were doing stuff, my stepbrother decided to ruin the mood...

He was being a little **** as usual, just being a jerk and demanding we go out of our way to accommodate him. My mom asked him to get his dishes, and w decided to insult her, telling her to shut up. She slapped him. And ten he proceeded to call her a bitch, not her mom, and that she worships a false God. (Yeah; and what do you follow, amoral criminal heathen?!) I almost beat him up right then and there.

Later, as I was doing laundry, he came in to the basement and wasn't happy, telling me my mom had no right to tell him stuff. I decided to flip it on him, telling him his hypocritical bastard if a father had no right to spread his stupidity on me and order me to do things his fat ass is too lazy to do. And, he simply agreed and left... I hate him so much!!! ><!!! Both stepbro and stepdad.

Speaking of my mom... She finally graduated from her classes officially! And, now, she's getting the job offers for very good places nearby. She's going to be a behavioral therapist (I forget the actual term she used.) Basically, she'll be dealing with children like me, my brother, sister, who have some form of Autism, whether high or low functioning. I'm happy for her ^^

Also... I'm just incredibly scared ^^; So much is happening to me in the next few months. I'm graduating high school, I'm becoming a full Catholic, getting my driver's license, going to college, maybe getting a job once there... ^^; Yeah... Just expressing my fear once again...

Well, that's all for now. Its incredibly late. I had more to say, but I give up typing ^^; Besides, its not like anyone will read this. XP

Night, all ^^
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