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Book Recommendation

Hey, remember those things called books? Well I hope you do, if not you should get off the computer and read some. Actually this applies even if you do remember books. You should read books now and then!
If you don't know which ones to read, I would suggest the book I just finished reading, "1984". The book is set in the future (yes, this is an old book) where things just suck in general. The book is where the idea of "Big Brother" originated. If you like my "thought provoking" journals, you need to read this book. It has more insights in philosophy, politics, and social trends in just a couple of chapters then I could ever hope to write about.
If you like books set in the future like this, I would also suggest reading "Brave New World".
Now if you're like me and a trip to to the local library or bookstore sounds like a voyage to another country, allow me to offer you some help.
Both of these books are so old that they're public domain (at least they should be. I didn't check very thoroughly). So here are links to online copies.
"1984" http://www.planetebook.com/1984.asp
"Brave New World" http://www.huxley.net/bnw/
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