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Another Day

I've been meaning to write something meaningful for a while now, as far as journals go. Just something to offer a little insight as to my status and way in life. All in all, it's been quite a trek. I finally graduated from the University a few months back, and managed to secure gainful employment just a few months later. Enjoyed a brief two month stretch of “vacation” between graduation day and working the job. Was like a breath of fresh air. Woke up, played video games all day, worked on artwork, played video games into the night. Wasn't sustainable, and diminished my state of health, but at least it was a time I could be carefree for a little while. It was good to set myself to a daily schedule and add some substance to my life, though. Time became that much more precious to me, with the days drifting away between work and trivial pursuits.
I retired not only the Wacom Bamboo Pen that I've used for several years, but the MacBook Pro as well. Apple was a decent enough brand to get me through school, but I definitely needed a supercharged gaming laptop. Bumped myself up to a Samsung Series 7 Gamer laptop, with an Intuos 4 Small tablet to satisfy my artists needs. My days are spent working, gaming, drawing, and crafting.
The vast majority of high school friends have either drifted away from me, or have completely cut me off after various spats and related drama. Sometimes, it feels like it was the other way around, but for good reason. The old people tell me that that's normal, but I can't help but feel that it shouldn't have happened. My college buddies and peers have all returned to their hometowns and respective places, as have I. Though, I do still have my best friend by my side since we ran together in grade-school. And for that, I'm thankful.
Life's become kind of quiet as of late, with my artwork and crafting projects occupying much of my free time. I surf the web and browse around DA, FA, IB, and SF. Then there's gaming, which has become more of a casual thing with me as of late. Except for those late nights when I meet up with a few online-pallies on Teamspeak, where we fight the war on Wasteland (Arma 2), Day Z, or War Thunder.
So now, when I'm not wasting time on video games, I guess it's just been my hobbyist pursuits outside of work. Trying to write and draw the material necessary to sustain five comic series, plus any and all artistic projects in between. Then there's crafting, which has been hit or miss as of late.
I'm still up to dropping in at a few cons. Here's looking forwards to Anime Boston, a distant convention that starts on May 24* (pre-reg, the 23.) And later still, Otakon, 2013 (August 9.)
To those who have watched and stuck by me this long, I say, thanks. It's always good to know that someone is looking at my gallery. Here's hoping the artwork I put out still strikes your interest in the coming days.
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