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Driving there: Chicago downtown rush hour madness. Wrestled for my Art Haiku promo booklets. I wanted to make them while I drove and Wom-Bat slept. Wom-Bat's keen hearing woke him up and he protested. As a result, neither of us died in a hideous car crash. Thank you, Wom-Bat! :D

Artist's alley: got picked in the lotto all 3 days I applied. For this incredible luck, I will probably be struck down by a bolt of kittens.

Salez: I almost covered the cost of the convention! woot!

Promos: my Art Haiku promo thingies were a hit. Out of the 80 created, at least 50 were picked up by folk. I did a Fail on the other new promo item I had. Apparently a spider-taur and a fully clothed woman weren't appropriate. So what if he's molesting the clothing off her and she's completely like "Oh, no! You totally creep me out and I don't like you!"?! um... maybe that was for the best now that I think about it...

Transformation Panel: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/5562517/ Did was not on Coke this year. Caffene makes me goofy. I was very confrontational the last time I did this panel. As a result, the conversation was light and positive and people claimed to be entertained. Madness! Improvements for next year: actually having the first page of my notes, and boiling my presentation to four topics with discussion afterward rather than random page flipping.

Lupus In Tabula:
Game 1: I really was the Medium! My strategy did not work, however, and I was nommed by the werewolves. Bliss!
Game 2: I was a Ghoul! And I was fail-ghoul. Someone spoke up early on and said that he was the Seer. I believed him, and tried to stick up for him at first (to lull the others into a false sense of security) then had to tear him down in case he actually started ID'ing werewolves. He tricked me! Damned tricksy English! For my duplicity, I was called out and lynched by the mob. "Seer" was actually a townsfolk who was trying to draw attention from the real Seer. And he succeeded! Fooled me!

Showed up late, did four or five free drawings, netted a small amount of donations, face-planted directly after last drawing. Apparently, going back on the caffeeneee to stay up for Lupus in Tabula only works for a little while, then the crash goblins get you.

Hot tub time machine:
Went back and bought myself a "Winning!" lottery ticket. Unfortunately, it was issued by Charlie Sheen. When I returned to the future, all humans were replaced by Trolls and Warlocks.

Driving back: buffetteddedd by winds for three hours before seeing a sign that said, "Caution: strong winds ahead." O.O  ...  We were never heard from again.

Upper Peninsula was scenic as always. Highway 8 was a twisted corkscrew as always. Pasties (pronounced Pashties) were unique noms, as always.

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