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Star Trek: Into Darkness

I'm speechless! That just blew me away all kinds of awesome. I don't wanna ruin anything, so no spoilers for you! All I'll say is, "I knew it!" Those who have seen the movie will probably know what I'm talking about. ^_^

Let me see, what other films have I seen recently? Oblivion? GI Joe 2? Iron Man 3?

Star Trek just kicked ALL their asses... COMBINED! 8D

Although a fusion of all three of those films would be quite an interesting cinematic experience, even bending the fabric of time and space to combine them TENFOLD, the resulting lovechild still would not hold a candle to Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Now, why don't you all be good little trekkies and go watch it. You won't regret it. I may not watch everything in 3d, but I think it may have also had the best 3D I've seen in anything yet, as well.

Now, the wait for Man Of Steel begins. I'm very interested to see how that one holds up against my new favourite movie of all time, Star Trek: Into Darkness. =P
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Added: 5 years, 9 months ago
5 years, 9 months ago

Is it JJ Abrams awesomesauce with less lens flare?
5 years, 9 months ago
What's wrong with lens flare? D=
Rofl, I'm not sure, I might need to watch the first one again to make an accurate comparison (as if I need an excuse XP), but er, I think the answer is yes? I didn't notice as much as in the first one, but then I had no issue with the lens flare in the first one. X3
But yes, the movie is definitely made of awesomesauce, and win... and then some! =D
5 years, 9 months ago
I agree totally.  I saw it earlier this week myself.  Great film, better than IM3 and some of the best 3D I've seen to date.
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