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Life update

There's some good stuff in there if you care to read a bit
And someone say something to make me cheery please ;___;

Me: Summer job I was expected to have ended up filling up on people without letting me know. I can't check my grades because I still owe the school money I don't have >___< No job means no money to get my car fixed which means no internships next semester.

Sister: Turns out in my absence my little sister took to cutting her wrists.

Mom: Mom is currently lying down having attacks of a shooting pain radiating from her heart to her carotid and axillary arteries on her left side. From that and other symptoms I suspect she has coronary artery disease causing an angina. This was probably brought on from complications of the congenital heart disorder she was born with. I'd take her in immediately but she claims last time she went in for this they couldn't find anything, and we don't really have the money to lose on coming up with nothing again. So in the mean time I have her taking beta-blockers which should help.

Dad: After being kicked out of the house about a month ago for his shady finances, the latest that I've heard is his back is acting up again and he's got no money left. Mom also says he looks much thinner and worn out which I won't doubt seeing as he's known for taking on an unhealthy workload between removing asbestos and two other jobs. He still also fails to grasp the gravity of his trespasses (borrowing money from family when asked not to, "losing" $1500 of government money I had to pay back, and cash forward scams) so he's still on punishment.

Dog: The tumor on my basset hound's paw is now about the size of the paw itself. From what I can tell, its a benign lipoma but it's getting to the point that the skin looks dangerously taught. If I can figure out a safe process for anesthesia I might have to perform home surgery again. Besides that, the cataracts are getting worse and his teeth are horrendous, despite my brushing.

So.... yeah. Going strong?
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5 years, 10 months ago
*offers a hug*
5 years, 10 months ago
Thanks for caring ^-^
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