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Ok, after the filler message, time to lay out the hard stuff

Despite the joy that might surround this day today within my life, I noticed how far out I was when we're talking about the fandom.

Another issue was making earnings out of this, and the need to cling on to this in order to survive.

The point I'm getting to is, since I'm lacking free time, I gotta capitalize the moments I have not only to draw, but to do it for some cash that might help me with my expenses (Studying Graphic Design is fuckin' costly!).

Look, now I've got a boyfriend, I'm trying to stop being a rentboy (Getting it up your arse for money is the most unpleasant thing EVER; though I protect myself, mind you!), so the only solution so far is getting something out of this.

I'm going to use my bare hands and a pencil, as well as A4 paper, to deliver. Tablet's off for now since I had to relegate its functions to Adobe CS4 practice for my tests. Besides, nothing can beat the AWESOME feeling of drawing on paper.

I'll open some 5 to 10 slots, prices ranging from 5 to 10 USD a piece (5 for one character, 10 for two, no colour, only pencil and -some- inking). IMPORTANT: These slots are also offered on FA, so it's a 'first-come, first-served' basis.

I'll apply some of the conditions that were once posted back in August 2011:

- It's heavily recommended that you send me a note featuring character references, suggested/desired pose, and the type of content you want me to draw.
IMPORTANT: I only take commissions from users who have clear references of their characters. I don't want to mess up stuff and lose time because you say that bit has a spot or a stripe the reference sheet doesn't display.
- I have a particular style that is against feral features, so if you like a cartoony/weeaboo like style, then this is the place to ask and order.
- I will provide you with a rough sketch of the progress, just to show you how I'm doing, and it's also to ask you for feedback, in other words, if I have to change something or not. Remember that sometimes, changes might cause me to delay a bit on my work, if they are too drastical. Don't be afraid, I'll have it finished, and remember, nothing worse than being hasty on the process. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS, I AM ONLY AVAILABLE ON WEEKENDS, MEANING I'LL TAKE ORDERS ON FRIDAY NIGHT. SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, AND I'LL DELIVER THAT VERY SAME WEEKEND OR THE NEXT ONE, AS I HAVE MY WEEKDAYS CLUTTERED WITH WORK AND COLLEGE.
- Fetishes are not my thing, but ask and I'll tell you if I'm up for what you ask or I'll turn it down.
-Payment: It's up to you to choose whether you pay before or after the commission's done. But I'd prefer it before, because I don't want scams or anything. If I can't complete the commission or there are other X reasons, you will get the refund, don't worry. Currency accepted: preferably USD, although EUR can be accepted. For Argies: Given the INCOMPETENCE of our Government, you can pay your commissions in ARS, in a promotional price of 15 ARS for a single character, and 30 ARS for two characters.

Ok, SLOTS OPEN. Send me notes if you're interested. And if you want to spread the word around, do so, you'll help me lots.

Take care!

-Ashley Moondust Wolf ♥
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Added: 5 years, 10 months ago
5 years, 10 months ago
I`d take one of me and Tails and or Klonoa
5 years, 10 months ago
Oki then, tell me more details via PM, and I'll see what I can do.
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